Thai Food Cravings | Epicurious Caniggia

In this sitting, we tried the various dishes ranging from surf to turf. I for sure was heavily satisfied, and to my surprise, my friend scored the dishes in 8s & 9s out of 10. Are you not impressed too? Tasting is believing.

Over & Beyond | Epicurious Caniggia

All in all, the meal is satisfactory and inexpensive. The menu offers good variety that suits most age groups, for any meal/ snack of the day. In my opinion, a nice joint for families to dine in, especially with young children learning to ingest & appreciate grown up food.

I’ll Be Back (Bag) | Epicurious Caniggia

Given my years of service in the Infantry, I believe the configuration of this backpack will suffice for a short staycation or business trip. Alternatively, great for those days when you hit the gym, or head out for some fun where there’s sun, sand & sea.

Hot Iron | Epicurious Caniggia

Of all the cushioning technology that New Balance has to offer, I’m inclined to go with the Freshfoam. I just love the cushy comfort with a decent bounce in the lift off, minimizes fatigue in my feet & calves, so I could clock the distances as I please.

Wind In His Hair – Wash & Blow | Epicurious Caniggia

Hygiene in all matters should never be compromised, think of the helmet as an extension of your body. Everyone hits the showers after some strenuous activities, as well as to cool off from hot humid days. It’s a good discipline to uphold, washing & rinsing the full attire from head to toes (excluding shoes). It…

Wind In His Hair – The Ride | Epicurious Caniggia

Following my earlier post; of the 2 that I’ve narrowed my selection to, I settled for the one with more user reviews – KASK Protone. Besides, the lime green ascent matched those on my “old iron horse”. Unlike most other brands & designs, the Protone is slick & compact (less bulbous). And though it has…

Wind In His Hair – Seeking | Epicurious Caniggia

In case you’re pondering the familiarity of the title to this entry, well, it’s inspired by a character from Kevin Costner’s “Dances With Wolves”. The Covid19 pandemic has been a great dampener for many industries, and the safety restrictions have also been a problem for sporting enthusiasts. We’re prohibited from gathering in large social groups,…

Home Improvement – Goodbye Rust | Epicurious Caniggia

The recent heightened alert in lieu of too many imported new strains from high-risk countries, has been a huge dampener for the local economy, requiring Singaporeans to stay at home once again, with restraints for number for visitations/ visitors per day, and dining out being prohibited. Some reports suggested up to 70% revenue dip in…

Meat n’ Chill – Invited Tasting | Epicurious Caniggia

From the bus stop looking in, this joint looks like a simple western diner. Take the short flight of steps to visit. Visibly, there are some tallboys & bar stools lining the corridor, and spaced-out indoor seating. A wall of wines curated from various continents, I believe should go well with the bites they offer…