The Peranakan Restaurant [Media Invite]

Mother’s Day is this weekend!!! So, if you haven’t thought of the right place to dine at; visiting the heritage that celebrates their matriarchy, is most appropriate. Be sure to make your reservations early, because the Peranakan community take their Mother’s Day seriously.

Straits Café [Media Invite]

Straits Café is a go-to place for buffet within proximity of Bras Basar & Bencoolen MRT, for buffets. They’ve been known for their feature of their Malaccan straits food, as well as select glimpses of Malaysian dishes.

Cast Iron Restaurant – Media Tasting

Cast Iron ensures their quality of ingredients are procured intercontinental & air flown regularly, and almost every dish they serve, are made in-house from scratch. And since they have the luxury of freshness, I believe nobody should deny themselves the Omakase experience.

Fumee by Habanos – Media Tasting

Fumee is probably the only joint (in the proximity of the marina promenade), that opens their kitchen beyond midnight; for they close at 0200hrs on weekdays, 0230hrs on Fridays & Saturdays. And they roll the shutters 30 to midnight on Sundays.

Cozy Bistro & Lounge – Media Invite

the ambience was good, music not loud, and nice selection of alcohol & spirits. Initially, I wasn’t sure what’s to be expected for food, considering the setup is more entertainment inclined. But when the dishes began rolling out, one after the next; my perception was altered.

Now, I’m actually pondering what else should I be trying on my next visit.

Sea & Blue – Invited Tasting

At Sea & Blue, they offer nothing but buffet. Operating hours is split specifically for lunch & dinner. This allows the crew to have ample time, to manage the necessary preparation in order to roll out 100 dishes; comprising of fresh seafood, sushi, sashimi, roasts, grills, continental cooked fares, confection and desserts.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine Restaurant – Invited Tasting

Sawadee Thai Cuisine was established since 2001 in the northern sector of the island, they re-positioned themselves (physically & brand-wise) at Tan Quee Lan Street in 2013. In all these years since, the management prides itself in offering the finer side of Thai cuisines, and revamped some street/ home kitchen dishes.

Misato – Inexpensive Fine Picks

I think Misato is a really brave concept. Though they may not have the densest of menus in the precinct better known for expensive Japanese restaurants, it distinguishes itself from the pack, in presenting good select dishes. And to have one or 2 anchor dishes in each category they have to offer; at wallet friendly prices, is more than sufficient reason to revisit.

1-For-1 Hon Maguro Promo – Senmi Sushi

more than 15 Signature Bluefin Tuna selections: Otoro, Chutoro, Akami Sashimi, Super Bluefin Tuna Temaki, Bluefin Tuna & Uni Bomb, Spicy Tuna Maki, Negitoro Don, Akami Tsuke Don, Katsuo Sarada, Katsuo Carpaccio, Special Negitoro Wrap etc.

Beyond Pancakes – Invited Tasting

I found the toppings/ fillings to be pretty contemporary & familiar. I suppose because they’re Halal, the stringent selection & restrictions of typical European choice ingredients would’ve been substituted.

The Wicked Garlic – Invited Tasting

The Wicked Garlic serves up sincere Italian selections, offering fresh ingredients at very reasonable prices. To be fair, at this price point, you won’t be showered with 5-star immaculate service, consistent with their 2 other prevailing outlets.

This joint at Orchard Cathay Cineleisure being their 3rd outlet in their 4th year of operation, is testament that they’ve been doing it right, and they want greater demographics to experience their craft.