1st Feast of 2013

Ichiban Boshi at 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-04 Nex

It’s been awhile since I last visited this joint, not because I have boycotted, but clearly because the recent year end festivities saw capacity crowd & frightening long queues at this joint.

No more Christmas jingles, and the human crowds have vanished, I could deduce that people may have already depleted their year end bonuses on all the gift giving & festive feasting.

It was the 1st work week of 2013, there was nobody in the line. Hence, a no-brainer that I should make my presence welcomed. I spotted plenty of new & friendly faces, might I add, they are actually young & jubilant school leavers.

I was swiftly ushered to my choice of seat at the sushi bar, offered the menus, and I excused the staff so I could take my time to deliberate on the menu. Seeing that I had missed out on the recent festive hype, I decided on the Toban Gyu Steak Gozen.

And while waiting for my order to be served, I helped myself to some select sashimi & sushi, namely; kajiki, hamachi, tako & ika

IMG-20130103-00933 IMG-20130103-00932 IMG-20130103-00938 IMG-20130103-00939

The steak gozen was served up shortly, as I was just ahead of the dinner crowd. Premium beef served over a little fire buffered with a brown leaf that added to the fragrance, accompanied with squid & potato doused in cheese tartar sauce, chili salmon don, chawanmushi, miso soup & bites on the side.

IMG-20130103-00934 IMG-20130103-00935 IMG-20130103-00936 IMG-20130103-00937

All in all, this isn’t a typical gourmet dining establishment. I have to say that the efficacy & service with a smile from the crew on the floor added to the overall experience.

If I might add, I’d reckon they all deserve a pat on the back for their services rendered.

If you’re not looking to spend a bomb on a good Japanese meal, this joint has my recommendation.


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