mambo italiano~!

Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria (East Coast) at 110 Upper East Coast Road

Kudos to the kind folks at HGW for organizing & inviting me for the review session

I have to confess that the location was quite remote for me, but not difficult to find. The see thru setup makes it comprehensible at sight that it is as authentic as it gets. The managing director was kind to give us a thorough breakdown of the restaurants history in brief, as well as the efforts invested to earn accolades not many can boast about.

Of which, operational Italian staffing was among the criteria, let alone the continued use of authentic Italian produces & ingredients.

A big feast was laid out for us to pick, and from the lot, I have special mentions for the following;

Terrina di Melanzane alla Parmigiana con Mozzarella di Bufala e Pesto al Basilico (Baked eggplant with buffalo mozzarella cheese and light basil pesto in a tomato sauce) – The combination is rich & tasty, and very fulfilling. Eggplant in my opinion is a meatarian’s vegetable.
Burrata di Andria con Rucola, Pomodorini Pachino e Prosciutto di Parma (Fresh mozzarella cheese with rocket salad, Pachino cherry tomatoes and Parma raw ham) – this is 1 of my favorites, though I’d wish there were more Parma raw ham to be accompanied with the cheese.
IMG-20130124-00985Lasagna Tradizionale Emiliana (Oven-baked pasta with Bolognese ragout (minced beef and pork), béchamel sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese) – familiar but more generous in fillings, a challenged even for big eaters like meIMG-20130124-00991Spaghetti ai Ricci di Mare e Bottarga di Carloforte (Spaghetti with sea-urchin and Carloforte bottarga ‘cured mullet roe”) – sea urchin from Sicily, sea lovers would love the flavorsIMG-20130124-00989Ossobuco alla Milanese in Gremolata con Risotto allo Zafferano (Slow-cooked braised veal shank with chopped herbs with Italian saffron rice) – this is the obvious game/meat lover’s choice. I thoroughly enjoyed the tenderness & juices the veal has to offer.IMG-20130124-00988Garretto di Maiale con Patate Arrosto (Roasted pork knuckle with potatoes) – a contrast to the all familiar German version, though also beer marinated, but is braised & roasted. The meat doesn’t dry out, and is good enough to be eaten on its own.IMG-20130124-00994
To finish the meal off, some gastronomic enzyme catalyzing high octane beverages were introduced; Grappa – somewhat innocent looking but packs potent sucker punch, Amaro –  I’d consider liquid riccola for it’s a concoction from natural herbs & Limoncello – lemonade not for the kids.

All in all, I must confess that I was a little jealous of the residents living within proximity, for this is clearly another rare gem discovered.


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