Oppa Italian Style

OTTO Locanda at 32 Maxwell Road #01-03 Maxwell Chambers

Kudos to the kind folks at hungrygowhere for organizing & inviting me to the table for the review session

Otto Locanda is within proximity from her fine dining sister outlet, and is tucked neatly in front of Tg. Pagar MRT station. The décor, setting & hospitality of the crew is simply welcoming, and the menu makes selection easy at a glance.

The Executive Chef is also a very personable & passionate, going round to familiarize patrons with their orders. Introducing us to almost everything the menu has to offer explains much the passion he exudes.

There being too much to list, I’ll make special mention for the following that keeps me wanting to revisit, and possibly you;

Roasted Octopus with Potatoes & Leeks Puree & Crispy Zuccini – a light & refreshing interpretation of the Japanese Tako dazzled with a tasteful Mediterranean touch.
IMG-20130206-01106Buffalo Milk Mozzarella Cheese with Marinated “Datterini” Cherry Tomatoes & Basil Dressing – neatly presented & the cheese was remarkably addictive (Our request for a 2nd helping is testament how well received it was).
IMG-20130206-01111Sliced Chilled Roast Grain Fed Strip Loin with Tuna Sauce – Juicy & sweet strips. Not to be missed by waistline watching meat lovers.
IMG-20130206-01113Baked layers of Eggplant Parmigiana Style with light Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella – diced to size that brings eggplant savoring to a new level. I kid you not, we mistaken it to be pork belly at first sight.
IMG-20130206-01115A series of cold cuts were also presented, and I have to say the selection had me wanting.
IMG-20130206-01109Pizza Golosa with Italian Roasted Ham, Korubuta Pork Ragout Arugula and Comfit Tomatoes – my favorite thin crust pizza of the whole lot.
IMG-20130206-01117Zuppa Inglese (Soup of the day) – never had I imagined what wonders could be made from cauliflower, commendable!
IMG-20130206-01118Aged Parmesan Cheese Risotto “Carnaroli” with White Chicken Ragout & Chili Dressing – the suspense took awhile, but the texture & taste was neatly balanced and well worth the wait. It scored a distinction and the verdict was unanimous.
IMG-20130206-01123Crispy Pork Belly Pancetta with Gratin Potato & Onion Compote – a distanced cousin to our Chinese shio-bak (roast pork belly); the true taste of the pork wasn’t disguised by seasoning or dressing.
IMG-20130206-01129Sliced Beef Sirloin grilled with Wild Rocket Salad Fontina Cheese & Artichoke Sauce – another delight for meatarians like me. If etiquette is the least of concerns, I hardly employed the use of the knife.
IMG-20130206-01131Grilled Lobster with Fresh Marinated Vegetables & Citrus Salad – halved down the line with crust nicely broken to make savoring effortless. Truth be told, I would have asked for a 2nd helping if I wasn’t already filled with early savors.
IMG-20130206-01128Sealing the session with kisses… desserts

Profiteroles filled with Vanilla Custard with Toasted Almond Flakes – adds to the meaning of “once you start, you can’t stop”
IMG-20130206-01133Meringue Cake with Chocolate Sauce – a treat for those with more than a sweet tooth, oozing with milk chocolate
IMG-20130206-01137Traditional Tiramisu with Espresso Coffee Sauce – I’m pretty sure the choice of liquor is not quite the typical Kahlua or Bailey’s, for therein concealed was citrus zest as it slid down the esophagus.
IMG-20130206-01134If the way to the heart of your significant other is via the digestive track, this is the place to be.


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