Chili’s Dilly

Chili’s (The Central) @ 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-18 The Central

Kudos to the kind folks at Hungrygowhere for organizing & inviting me to the review session

It was the Superbowl week, and I couldn’t decline the invite to an American diner to for USDA beef & soak up the atmosphere. As it turns out, there’s a new menu in town from now till 1st week of April this year.

Order of the day was already organized & prepared by the good folks of Chili’s, and I’d make some mention the following:

Garlic-Rubbed Ribeye – smoked ribeye steak given the garlic-chile rub, drizzles w/ chipotle pesto & green onions. The mashed potatoes that come with it possessed tiny bits of jalapenos that adds to the flavor. Chips of bacon on the broccoli gave me less reason not to try the vegetables.
IMG-20130205-01073Triple-smoked Burger – this fella makes the whopper look like a junior!  The succulent beef patty is a concoction of all American beef, paprika & pepper blends. Melted chipotle cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & onions go into the stratum. On the sides, fries that fuel your next 4.2km marathon.
IMG-20130205-01076Smoked Chicken Jalapeno Mac & Cheeze – is not quite the usual. Drizzled in creamy Alfredo sauce, cheddar, jalapenos & sliced smoked chicken tenders, topped with in-house pico de gallo.
IMG-20130205-01081Grilled Baby Back Ribs (hold the fries) – we were treated to the signature, ribs that come off the bone effortlessly. Taste is not overbearing and comes with a fruity breath when you chew on the meat.
IMG-20130205-01079Molten Chocolate Cake – no visit to Chili’s is complete without the sinful indulgence of molten endorphin catalysts.
IMG-20130205-01096For the season, a zesty sweet tasting margarita was conjured & introduced to go along with the new menu, don’t expect salt on the lips because it’s not quite citrus as the usual.
IMG-20130205-01071Loaded with the protein & carbs, I somehow felt I could be fielded for the Ravens~!!


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