Fellowship of the Xiao-long-bao

DIN TAI FUNG 鼎泰豐 @ 252 North Bridge Road #B1-08, Raffles City Shopping Centre

This review is dedicated to my brethrens who share the same intake capacity, and have a rare unique obsession for meats.

To begin with, it wasn’t the best day of the week, but the communion was convened in lieu of soured events that took place at our work places, despite different professions. And I’ll have to agree that food does take the heat away from the mind.

Our hunger and patience were stretched quite a bit, owing to the phenomenal dinner crowd queue, and since our banquet for three was convened impromptu, no reservation just means we partake in Singaporean’s favorite past-time. Thankfully, they allowed orders to be placed prior to seating down, and that turned the productivity level up several notches.

As soon as our gluts hit the chair, we were offered hot Chinese tea, and quickly followed with the starters/appetizers/snacks; chilled sliced pork, century eggs, shaoshing wine marinated chicken, crispy pork chop & stir fried doumiao.
IMG-20130228-01237 IMG-20130228-01239 IMG-20130228-01238 IMG-20130228-01240 IMG-20130228-01241I have to say the chilled sliced pork & shaoshing wine marinated chicken are somewhat a novelty. While the style in which the century eggs & crispy pork chop were prepared is no wonder DTF commands such following & patronage worldwide.

Before we could even clear the starters/appetizers/snacks, the hallmark was served up in racks & waves, because the table wasn’t big enough. The racks towering so many that the other diners couldn’t help but pay us the attention we commanded.
IMG-20130228-01242 IMG-20130228-01243 IMG-20130228-01246 IMG-20130228-01247We had ourselves the; pork XLB, crab roe XLB, steamed shrimp & pork dumplings, steamed chili crab & pork buns. The piping hot XLB with succulent juicy goodness wrapped within the translucent skin has to be ranked up high for craftsmanship. One doesn’t simply put the whole thing in the mouth~! The art of eating XLB involves an acquired skill, failing which, shall have yourself a scalded tongue.

I don’t know about other food experts but this is how I savor XLB:

  1. With your chopsticks gently pick it up & put it in your soup spoon (add shredded ginger julienne if you like the prickle sensation)
  2. Prick the XLB skin to let the juice flow & you sip it slow
  3. Assess the temperature before u gobble it

Next to be rolled out were our noodles, zha jiang mian, pai gu tang mian, jiang you mian. Quite honestly, we didn’t witness if the noodles were handmade, but I’d say the texture comes with a light spring to every bite, rather familiar with the hand made sobas in some Japanese joint.
IMG-20130228-01245 IMG-20130228-01244 IMG-20130228-01249To end the meal off, we were presented complementary yam XLB for desserts. I believe patrons lacking the lust for sweets would find the Chinese tea most appropriate to dilute this confection, though I’m very certain is a heart-throb for the ladies & younger diners.

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