Deliciously delightful (おいしく楽しい)

Sushi Tei @ 23 Serangoon Central #01-08/09, nex

It has been awhile since I last shelled a blue note to give myself a well deserved dinner treat, and that I did, just few days ahead of Good Friday, although I’m technically required to fast for lent. Looking on the bright side of things, I maintained the 1 meal a day regime, and the fast breaking being solely fish.

My daily transit at nex warrants me to roam about to soak up the air conditioning to prevent hyper-perspiration in lieu of the recent sauna-like climate. It was pre-dinner rush hour and seats a plenty for picking, I casually walked in asking for a seat at the sushi bar.

The season’s menu set my heart racing as abalone & oysters were featured. However, I was advised that the portions are relatively small. Hence, I settled for some picks from the regular menu.

Being the meatarian that I am; fish was predominantly the main event for me
IMG_00000107Maguro (Tuna) sashimi, Katsuo (Skipjack tuna) sashimi, Tsubugai (Whelk) sashimi; all 3 served up in a bowl with shaved ice in the bottom that regulates temperature; so that slices that enter the mouth at different times during the meal is somewhat consistent with the 1st slice that entered the mouth.

Freshness is sweetness, and as certain as it is, the fish was good enough to be eaten on its own. Nonetheless, sashimi with a light dab of Japanese shoyu & some wasabi adds a little taste & prickle to the bite.
IMG_00000103Following was the Negitoro Don, I believe is something not for the faint hearted. Fresh minced Otoro (Bluefin Tuna Belly) on rice, topped with a lightly poached almost raw egg, sprinkled with some seaweed julienne.
IMG_00000106Some prefer to toss & mix the don evenly for consistent tastes, but I prefer the uniqueness in every bite. Gently pricking the egg yolk makes it easier for the minced belly to coagulate, hence easing the picking with chopsticks. Those who find this stunt a little too bold, shall find the Gari (pickled young ginger slices) go well with this ensemble.

Just to finish the meal off, I had to take a plate from the sushi train, what seemed to be Harasu (salmon belly) sushi, because it was a little more buttery than usual salmon sushi.
IMG_00000104I suppose this meal can be considered a feast for the average eater, but, I’m also certain this is not the record for the largest sushi meal. Well, if you’re like me, one who appreciates meats in its truest form, then I believe you would give their outlets a shot.


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