[Closed] Moo-Lander

Wisma Wah Eng Beef House @ 23 Serangoon Central #04-00, Food Junction

For a change, I decided to hunt & share a thing or 2 from foodcourts, instead of the usual restaurant & diners.

This should come as form of good news for many beef loving dwellers living in the north-east, for they no longer need to voyage all the way down to Wisma Atria, Orchard Road for a piping hot bowl of good beef noodles.
IMG_00000172 (Small)Nex is possibly 1 of the busiest & most visited heartland mall ever erected, and is patronized by many within proximity, as well as many more who come from distanced precincts.

There are 2 food courts anchored in this mall, and I honestly prefer frequenting Food Junction on Level 4; seating is abundant, and they offer a good selection of food vendors, and I shall endeavor to cover some of my favorites in time to come.

Now, back to the good stuff! I’ve been quite a fan boy for beef noodles since my younger days, and as the name of the stall suggests, it’s a subsidiary branch (Wisma Atria) stationed in this food court, and is well sought after by beef eaters like me.
IMG_00000174 (Small)Beef noodles are best consumed with white noodles, for it accommodates the tastes of either the stock soup, and/or the dry version – starch gravy (as pictured). The menu presents variants of combinations in the likes of; sliced beef, meat balls, briskets/tendons or combination etc.

My personal favorite is the combination of all listed, and dry. Some may fear that the viscous starch may splatter & stain their outfit, but given my experience, the starch helps the keep the white noodles intact, while the soup version leaves the noodles to fling & splash resulting in more mess.

Thinly sliced beef strips are scalded just enough so it’s not rubbery, and one can enjoy the natural juices of the beef. The brisket & tendons are stewed to a tender finish. Hence, is friendly for the young & old. The meatballs have a good bounce in each bite, and I can’t stress enough that this attribute is somewhat hard to find.
IMG_00000175 (Small)How I usually savor beef noodles is to add generous amount of lime juice in the noodles, leaving a tiny bit for the blended chili dip, as well as the chinchalok (fermented micro shrimp) dip. The chinchalok usually come with sliced shallots, so the saltiness isn’t too overbearing.
IMG_00000177 (Small)The art of eating dry beef noodles is being modest with the noodle helpings. Begin by giving it a decent stir, to ensure the lime juice is well mixed into the concoction, with the chopsticks, pick & place a manageable amount of noodles in your spoon, top it with a slice of the beef/ innerts, and if its too much for a mouthful, then you simply haven’t been modest enough.

Unlike most noodle dishes, this is rather filling for a big eater like me. Hence, is often top of my to-eat-list when I’m at the foodcourt, because of the satiability to price ratio.

(In my opinion, the soup version is quite similar to Vietnamese pho, and if I must have soup version, I’d prefer to dine in a Viet joint)


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