Pride & Passion

Mis En Place @ 39 East Coast Road

Big kudos to the HGW kakis for keeping me in the loop for this new find~! Coincidentally, I was bound to split 3ways for dinner, but I simply couldn’t decline the impromptu offer to visit a spanking new joint.

Mis En Place translated means Implemented, established, or, putting in place. And I’ll have to say it is the Chef’s Pride & Passion implemented. Location is not a feat to find, the simple setup is not intimidating, and glossing the menu will set your mind at ease to order a feast.

We were a party of 5, and so we decided to do it communion style; everyone gets a bit of every dish for taste.

There’s too many to list, but I’ll make special mention of the highlights that won my gut over:

StartersIMG_00000388 (Small)Mushroom Soup – drizzled with a generous helping or truffle oil gives it a stronger woody essence

IMG_00000394 (Small)Baked escargots – served neatly stacked on a clove of Portobello mushroom. I suppose is quite unconventional, but still true to the taste

IMG_00000393 (Small)Black lipped mussels – served in creamy gravy that packs a little punch towards the aftertaste.

IMG_00000390 (Small)Spiced squid – strong familiarity with the famous Taiwanese chicken chop. Deep fried calamari doused with spicy powder

IMG_00000385 (Small)Bruschetta – crispy toasted halved baguette topped with cherry tomato & mozzarella cheese, sprinkled with herbal condiments. *forget about the etiquette, just use your hands


IMG_00000401 (Small)Steak & fries – not sure if its sirloin or strip-loin, but I would say it is well marinated & tasty. To go with the majority, doneness; medium (though, I’d prefer my steaks a little more rare).

IMG_00000397 (Small)Roast chicken – I have to say its probably the best roast chicken I’ve had in a long while. Doneness was thorough (no blood trace near the bones), yet not dry & flaky. Flavored to the core, you can taste the brine in every bite.

IMG_00000396 (Small)Hand chopped burger – simply means the patty is purely made in-house, and because its not machine minced, chewing becomes quite effortless. and the chewy fun is in the bacon strips

IMG_00000398 (Small)Catch of the day – black cod – broiled & sat pretty on a layer of mousseline potato. The amount of effort put into this is quite paramount

IMG_00000403 (Small) IMG_00000405 (Small)Prawn pasta & double yolk pasta carbonara – employed the use of bucatini which accommodates the sauce, while the texture prompts you for the next mouthful

In my opinion, given the set lunch menu, as well as the ala carte menu, and having tried the goodness of what this joint has to offer, there is hardly any reason not to visit, revisit & drag friends to this place.

Closed on Mondays. Open throughout the rest of the week from lunch till late, and I was given to understand that brunch is in the making… you’ll have to go hear it for yourself.

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