No frills for grills~!

Gerry’s Grill SM Clark Pampanga @ SM City Clark, Angeles City Pampanga

Late April was a jam packed period for me, and this review is dedicated to the brady bunch of meatarian buddies who emptied their busy schedules, to join me for my maiden visit to The Philippines.

A post Ironman 3 (3D) late lunch was in order, and by recommendation from the local friends, we had ourselves seated quickly for a quick communion.

In no order of preference, we picked out the following:

IMG_00000542 (Small)Tuna Sashimi – not the typical Japanese styled Sashimi you would expect, but since Tuna fishing is a hyped industry in the region, nothing comes closer than the freshest catch. The tuna chunks are nicely marinated in some soy sauce seasoning, sprinkled with tiny chili cuts & some oils. A bite into it sufficed to tell me more about the local cultures & palate orientation. I have to say it was rather addictive, because we found it difficult to stop once we started.

IMG_00000544 (Small)Crispy Pata – essentially is their answer to the German Pork Knuckle. Crunchy crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, accompanied with a light sauce dip with chopped shallots. This was possibly the winner as none of us stood on ceremony, leaving no crumbs behind. The aftermath was a neat array of dried bones.

IMG_00000546 (Small)Crab Rice – like all Asian settlements, rice is a staple in the Philippines, and we picked this dish believing it to be a novelty among the list. I’d have to say they are pretty generous with the eggs in the fried rice too. The taste of it actually reminded me much of the near extinct tze-char dish ‘egg fried rice’ (蛋炒饭)… so its quite self explanatory that we cleaned the plate off too.

IMG_00000547 (Small)Lechon Kawali – the crunchiest state of pork belly one could find, sinfully fattening, gastronomically good. This is a crunchier version of the good old shio-bak (烧肉), lightly salted flavor, and served with a vinegar based dip on the side to give taste a light twist.

IMG_00000548 (Small)Gerry’s Grilled Fried Chicken – I presume is a signature since the brand is assigned. Expectation needs to be managed, because the size of the chicken is slightly slimmer than those we find in our local fast food chains. On the contrary, slender chicken means crispier skin, less underlying grease & tenderness in the flesh. Not too heavily salted, so the natural taste is present in each bite.

We would have gone the extra mile to order more for face stuffing sake, but recalling that we made plans for a heavier dinner, I guess we’d just have to give it a try on our next visit.

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