Grandeur Good as Gold

Jin Shan Lou @ 1 Bayfront Avenue, #L1-05 Marina Bay Sands

Kudos to the kind folks from Hungrygowhere for inviting me for this food review session

Jin Shan Special Combination
roasted pork cube, roasted duck, chicken with soya sauce
IMG_00000851 (Small)In my opinion, the starter is more important than any other dish in any given menu. The purpose is to whet the palate for the meal to rest of the meal to be served in succession, and in I reckon this 3 meat combo was a winner for me. All 3 meats were juicy, tender, taste neatly balanced, and definitely not greasy.

Seafood Soup Served in Mini Pumpkin
IMG_00000853 (Small)Following the opener, served before us were pumpkins carved inside out with piping hot seafood soup within. The taste of this is very much natural flavors of the sea, quite clearly no additional seasoning added, since, the ingredients to the likes of shrimp, dried scallops and plenty more goodness were double boiled, so much so, I thought teeth were redundant. One can also rasp the inner walls of the pumpkin for some natural sweetness towards finishing the soup

Golden Sands Fresh Prawn with Salted Egg
IMG_00000855 (Small)This charmer is a well timed climax, because the scent was detected even before the platter touched down. The fragrance of curry leaves fried to a crisp, while the buttered salted egg batter was unleashing its own allure.

When consuming this dish, forget about glamour & etiquette, pop the whole prawn into the mouth and allow the scent to penetrate your senses. Impressive was the word, because I barely needed to cleanse my palate after this dish.

Poached “Xian Cai” Served in Cartilage Soup
IMG_00000860 (Small)Do not underestimate the humble appearance of this concoction. This soup base is unparalleled, for it is conjured from hours of slow fire boiling to extract the sweetness from shark cartilage. The preparation is nicely timed such that the exchange of the spinach goes into the soup, while the fiber strands soaked up the goodness of the cartilage flavor.

Steamed Cod Fillet with Chinese Wine and Egg White
IMG_00000858 (Small)Who needs cod emulsion when you can have the real deal in every bite? I’d have to say that this is another crescendo to the meal. The doneness of the cod was pretty awesome, the fillet doesn’t flake, but is tender enough to be broken into bite sized chunks with gentle prying of the chopsticks. The hua-diao wine compliments the fish’s true flavor, while the jelly like texture of the egg white once again made it a pleasure to savor

Fujian Wheat Vermicelli with Shredded Meat
IMG_00000862 (Small)Like most Chinese meals, carbohydrates usually served last, just so one can have his fill. Stir fried wheat vermicelli is not a common dish you’d find in most Chinese restaurants. Unlike rice noodles (beehoon), vermicelli is brittle and to serve them up unbroken is a feat on its own. This I’d say is truly a rare find, and I’d congratulate the chef responsible for a job well done.

Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo
IMG_00000866 (Small)IMG_00000868 (Small)All’s well ends well with a chilled bowl of mango sago with pomelo, nicely decorated with a little evaporated milk artwork in each bowl.

All in all, the 7 course meal was a display of culinary mastery. The amount of skills & science that went into each dish served is truly impressive. And I’d have no qualms about the quality in the menu that Jin Shan Lou has to offer, notably, under the supervision & guidance of multi-award winning Master Chef Huang Qing Biao.
IMG_00000865 (Small)We were honored by his presence at the table post meal, where he shared intimate glimpses of his lifelong acquisition of experiences, as well as insights towards through the windows of the F&B industry.

I’d have to say that his momentary sharing was momentous towards my pursuit of true appreciation for gastronomy.


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