Best fried chicken on the island

Arnorld’s @ 810 Geylang Rd #02-99, City Plaza, Singapore 409286

I don’t know anybody who’s grown up on this island who’s never patronized or been addicted to fried chicken before. Regardless of brands or franchise, I’m quite certain that many would confess to licking their fingers post meal, at some fried chicken fast food joint.

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t mentioned much about fried chicken fast food joints in the recent past. Not because I haven’t eaten any, but many just weren’t mention worthy.

Nonetheless, here am I penning them thoughts of a very pleasant pig out session with my fellow meatarian brethrens.

Unlike most fast food joints, at Arnold’s (City Plaza), one would queue at the entrance to have the order taken. A queue number is issued and then he waits to be seated. In all, if your timing upon arrival is right, the wait to be seated should not take too long.

Beverage and napkins served as soon as you are seated, and the food is served very briefly after.

Note: their variety of beverage is quite a classic, as they feature local delights such as iced bandung, iced lemon tea, iced milo (with or w/o whipped cream), teh-tarik, as well as typical sodas/ soft drinks.

In my opinion, this initial part of the service is truly mention-worthy, for the lack of suspense for food to be served, is already off to a good start for a pleasant meal.

IMG_00000811 (Small)At 1st glance, the chicken parts are not too heavily coated with batter, and the glistening golden brown crust is testament that the food is prepared ala-minute. The fragrance of the seasoning springs forth when the crust is broken or peeled.

IMG_00000813 (Small)The doneness is well managed, which is why the meat falls cleanly off the bones quite effortlessly. The meat is juicy & tasty, not a sign of overcooked dryness in every bite.

The coleslaw & mashed potato generally meets the competition’s benchmark; and I’d say the buns go real well dipped in the generous helping of whipped potato sauce.

If find that you haven’t had your fill towards the end of the meal, you can help yourself to the counter to place more orders (with minimal waiting time).

Another feather to the hat, they actually feature desserts like banana split, plain ice cream and ice kachang topped with ice cream.

This was not my 1st visit to Arnold’s, and certainly will not be my last.


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