Meat Glorious Meat~!

Ivy Restaurant @ Imbiah Walk #01-08, Siloso Beach Resort, Singapore 099538

IMG_00001108 (Small)I was honored by the invitation of some kind folks to pay a visit to this very new establishment. On arrival, Ivy Restaurant appears to be a pretty neat & cozy little joint on the beach front, at the foot of Siloso Beach Resort. A cross-over between a semi fine dining setup, as well as a cafeteria; provides a hideout from the bustling hype of the city.

Chef Peter is of Polish decent, clocked a solid decade of experience in some of the best restaurants in the UK for a decade. He’s had some good years working in the kitchen for industry big wigs like Oliver Peyton, as well as Gordon Ramsay. He was also amongst the list of chef de partie for the recent royal wedding of, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

The menu is unique, for Chef Peter designed it to be halal, so as to appeal to a wider audience.

Prepared for us, were the following:

IMG_00001122 (Small) IMG_00001123 (Small)Asparagus salad – with poached egg, beurre blanc sauce & citrus honey dressing.
A very light palette tickler, that stirs up an appetite for what’s to be served momentarily. According to the Chef, all alcoholic ingredients are substituted, in order to meet halal compliance, but no compromise to taste & texture.

Crab salad -caramelized leeks, truffle honey & figs chutney, light drizzle of avocado puree
In my opinion, this is a must try. The flavors of the condiments & combination are nicely balanced, while the light springy texture of fresh crab meats brings out on good anticipation for the next dish.


IMG_00001125 (Small) IMG_00001129 (Small)
Confit chicken – served with creamy truffle mash, sauteed black cabbage
The chicken is nicely seasoned, and the moisture of the meat is well retained. The meat comes off the bone, and no traces of flakes. The truffle flavored potato mash has a mousse like texture, and the sautéed cabbage gives non-vege eaters no reason to pass on it.

Fillet steak -with polenta cake, hazelnut veloute & caramalized plum
Meat glorious meat! This has got to be the winner by miles. I was initially curious that the steak knife was not laid, only to realize that the steak is so tender that it was effortless to cut, even with a butter knife. And the answer to the mystery, 150days aged fillet steak! For the price that it’s going for, it’s not only a steal, I’d consider it heaven sent.

Because the steak is so tender for ingestion, there is practically no need for wines of sorts. Iced sparkling or still already suffice.

Meatarians out there reading this, mark this place on your GPS. You will come back for more, because I have.


IMG_00001137 (Small) IMG_00001133 (Small)Chocolate Fondant – served with vanilla ice cream
The chocolate lava on the inside has a light mousse texture, so it doesn’t spill too fast, nor does it squirt when the knife pierces the crust. The vanilla ice cream is hand made, concocted with a light citrus after taste.

Vanilla Creme Brulee
The crispy caramelized layer on top is complimentary to the custard texture within, and the fragrance of the vanilla lingers in the sweet after taste.

As I haven’t much of a sweet tooth, a double shot latte to seal the meal was ideal to mellow things down for the night.

IMG_00001139 (Small)


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