After You Please, Prego~

Prego @ Fairmont, 80 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189560

Kudos to the kind folks of Prego & Hungrygowhere for organizing & inviting me to the table
IMG_00001155 (Small)Prego is a semi-formal Italian setup at the foot of Fairmont. The interior décor & setting distinguishes itself so well that it seems very much a stand alone establishment. It didn’t occur to me that it’s actually an extension of Fairmont.

The kitchen boasts of a motley crew of international culinary champions helmed by Chef Antonio. Chef Long who hails from ‘the land of smiles’ is the pizza chef who prides himself in brining smiles to guests, with his own freestyle dough spinning flair (don’t miss it!)
chef-long-spins-(Small)For the meet & greet ice breaking, I have to confess that I was too engrossed with the bread & dough sticks, that I found myself lost in between conversations. The cute wooden crate of goodness is complemented with some in-house made spreads featuring; caramelized onions on cream cheese, basil leaves in tomato puree, truffle sprinkled cream cheese.
IMG_00001153 (Small)The appetizers for sure had the palettes running & pining for more…

IMG_00001163 (Small)Insalata Mista – mixed green salad, radicchio, fennel, red onion and lemon dressing. I’m a meatarian, but the greens worked well for me.

IMG_00001166 (Small)Stracciatella di Bufala – Buffalo stracciatella, marinated king prawn, tomato, oregano and spring onions. This by my standards is something not to be missed. Sweet & succulent prawn with a light spring on each bite, and the meat doesn’t flake. The buffalo stracciatella may not be too friendly for the waistline, but waistline watching doesn’t go quite well with food indulgence anyway.

IMG_00001171 (Small)Cotechino – Italian cooked pork sausage, roasted organic sweet pepper sauce. This dish is traditionally consumed in the colder seasons, and a glass of Valpolicella Masi, Valpolicella, Italy goes pretty well.

The good stuff has only just began, the mains that followed:

IMG_00001190 (Small)Paccheri – Maine lobster, roasted heirloom tomatoes & basil. This tomato based gigantic hollow pasta is something less commonly found, and the slow cooked bisque flavored combination was something I grew to like with every bite. A glass of Pinot Grigio Niedermayr, Alto Adige, Italy goes well together.

IMG_00001201 (Small)Merluzzo – baked cod fish, artichoke, pomodorini, kalamata olives, mashed potatoes. This too was among my favorites savored for the night. Evidently, the cod remained true to the taste, no traces of overbearing seasoning, hence, the natural buttery emulsion flavor. The crunch in the baked artichoke provided contrast to the dish. The mousse like texture potatoes was also very pleasant. The glass of Pinot Grigio Niedermayr, Alto Adige, Italy went well too.

IMG_00001204 (Small)Stinco d’Agnello – braised lamb, roasted fennel, potatoes. The doneness of the lamb (shank, if I’m not mistaken) is beautifully done; the meat comes off the bone clean, juicy tender to the bite, and the flavors from the 7hr slow fire cooking unveils as the meat melts in the mouth.

IMG_00001194 (Small)Surprise of the day – Portobello Mushroom Risotto, the name is self explanatory, and though I’m not a fan of carbohydrates, this dish made me reconsider my orientation for meats. The rice grains used are actually aged rice. Hence the texture is full & has a light beaded bounce of cooked barley.

I was honored to have shook hands & spoken with Chef Antonio & Chef Long in person, and their personal introduction to the dishes & processes have helped me deepen my understanding & appreciation for culinary passion & pride.

Prego presents Chef Antonio’s personal Top 40 buffet lunch on Sundays 1230 to 1500hrs. You won’t need your passport & air tickets to savor different regions of Italy.

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