Ka mate Ka mate, Ka ora Ka ora

Fern & Kiwi – Bar and Eatery @ 3C River Valley Road, #01-02/03 The Cannery, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024

It was a semi adhoc dinner & booze session convened by my brethrens of the meatarian, for a change we decided to experience some savory goodness kiwi style, and that we did. The joint is easy access, highly visible if traveling along river valley road; spotted right next to the taxi stand at Clarke quay.

On arrival, it’s almost 2nd nature for us to order some liquid diet (beer), to lay the foundation for the night. And our brother who spent some years in Christchurch did us the honors of picking the menu to feed the pack.

IMG_00001667 (Small)Chicken Wings – Choice of Crispy or Hot Rocket fuel
IMG_00001670 (Small)Deep Fried Mushroom – Deep fried till golden with accompanied Pesto sauce
IMG_00001676 (Small)Sea Salt & Pepper Squid – Lemon, sweet Soy, Coriander and Chilli dressingHand Cut IMG_00001669 (Small)Truffled Chips – Rustic hand cut ‘Lady Claire’ potato fries perfumed with Truffle Oil

The starters don’t need much of my description as its quite explanatory from the descriptions in the menu. Generally good for face stuffing, and I can’t agree more that they make good fuel for ruggers.

As for the mains, meat lovers should find themselves very much attached to the likes of

IMG_00001668 (Small)Pulled Pork Sliders – 48hours marinated and slow roasted served on a toasted Garlic Brioche bun
Harissa Chicken Sliders – Spiced Chicken patties with Harrisa Mayo on toasted Garlic Brioche bun
IMG_00001674 (Small)Crispy Pork Belly – 6hour slow roasted crispy pork belly served with fig marmalade
IMG_00001672 (Small)Pizza – Pizza Flatbread with caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and rock salt a
IMG_00001665 (Small)Classic Pork Spare Ribs – A Lone Star Classic, Vertical rack of slow roast giant ribs with honey, hoisin and orange glaze

The sliders are bite sized burgers with juicy cuts & shreds of labor intensively prepared & toasts & roasts. The trick to consuming is to alternate bites between the 2 flavors, so you get the best of both flavors.

The crispy pork belly is also another treat we couldn’t quite resist. Crispy on the crust, buttery tenderness on the intermediate, and the leaner portion is nicely juicy. Depending on preferences for sweetness threshold, the marmalade is available on the side.

The solitaire is none other than the spare ribs, cut & neatly stacked in a rack. Given the size of each piece of rib, it doesn’t take rocket science to understand how & why it has to be cut & served vertically. Each rib was huge, almost a foot long each.

Table etiquette, forks and knives can simply go out the window, if you don’t wish to look foolish wrestling the rib.

Remember to save some of the liquid diet for post meal, because nothing beats washing the meal down with a little effervescence from good old beer.


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