[Closed] Sobering Soba

Shimbashi Soba @ 23 Serangoon Central #B1-02 nex (Shokotsu 10), Singapore 556083

IMG_00001627 (Small)Called it an early day for me, for I stepped out of office feeling accomplished & decided to reward myself with a good meal en route home. I was glossing around Shokotsu 10, spoilt for choice to be exact, and since it was coincidently hot all day, cold soba made total sense.

I was ushered a seat in a decent corner with my back facing the common aisle. There I sat comfortably uninterrupted by the passers by. Took my time to study the variety & permutations that soba was presented.

IMG_00001610 (Small)Started things off with a glass of chilled Mugi Cha (roasted barley tea). It’s possibly the very few teas on the menu that is caffeine free, and not to mention, its free flow. The Mugi Cha has a nice aroma, rich but not overbearing, and the after taste leaves one comfortably satiated. I found it rather thirst quenching as opposed to Ocha.

After glossing a little more, placed my order for;
Oyako Don set – chilled handmade soba, chicken with scrambled egg rice bowl, prawn salad with sesame dressing & fruit.
Knowing that it’ll take awhile for the set to be served, I asked for Salmon Yukke – raw salmon, quail egg, spring onions with homemade spicy sauce.

IMG_00001611 (Small)The Salmon Yukke is served with the yolk glistening and the fragrance of the sesame oil was too inviting to resist. Fresh salmon slices will never go wrong, and the light seasoning with yolk stacks on the flavor & texture richness.

IMG_00001616 (Small)Shortly after, the Oyako Don set was presented. It is good for 2pax, but I figured would be a tug of war between the 2. IMG_00001617 (Small)The chilled handmade soba is a light but hearty staple dish, IMG_00001619 (Small)while the chicken & scrambled egg rice bowl is a heavier load.

IMG_00001623 (Small)In the midst, the prawn salad with sesame dressing is also something refreshing. One can choose to use the dressing as a dip, or, be like me, drench the salad with the dressing.IMG_00001625 (Small)
As for me, I’m a meatarian with a pretty healthy appetite. No prizes for guessing, I had the entire set to myself.

Given the nourishing & delectable experience, not a slightest thought of guilt for my growing waistline crossed my mind.


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