Wasser sparen, trinken Bier (transl: save water, drink beer)

Adstragold Microbrewery @ 417/419 East Coast Road Singapore 429004

Kudos to the kind folks at hungrygowhere for their invite for the review session

IMG_00002329 (Small)1st and foremost, I personally feel this is truly a hidden find. It’s tucked away in a remote corner of east coast rd, close to the intersection of still rd. I suppose is a place for people who’re adventurous with the public commute to pay a visit, and/or a drinking hole for people within walking proximity.

IMG_00002332 (Small)Drivers & Motorists, leave your iron horses at home. When you drink, don’t drive! Even if you did, the closest parking spot is good enough a deterrent. And if that’s not good enough reason to leave your vehicle at home, the year end parking ticket frenzy is another force to be reckoned with.

From what I understand, this microbrewery is something for Singaporeans to be proud of, since it’s wholly Singaporean owned & run. Formally located at CHIJMES where it was purely a drinking hole, they’ve relocated to the east, and now have a kitchen to roll out some (not all) German dishes to complement the beers.

IMG_00002334 (Small)Yes, you read it right, the liquid diet is the highlight, and the food is the entourage. House brews: Adstragold Golden Ale (GA), Adstragold Indian Pale Ale (IPA), Dark Ale (DA), Nutty Brown Ale (NBA), last but not least… their very own Bronze Medal Award 2010 – Red Ale (RA)

beer-combo-1Ok, I’m kidding. For those who’ve been followers of this joint, they’d attest to the taste & quality of the house brews. The kitchen is a new addition, and the food menu is the new kid on the block.

IMG_00002340 (Small)Fish & chips – brings back fond memories of down under. Aromatic beer battered Dory fish & chips. Not just regular Dory, but they also use Snappers (whichever is the fresh catch I presume). The GA or the DA goes well with this.

IMG_00002351 (Small)Roasted Pork Knuckle – not entirely of German authenticity, but the innovative initiative to add herb & spice adds a new dimension to the knuckle. Accompanied with raw sauerkraut, the pickle flavor isn’t too strong, so I think is going to be well received by the locals. The DA or RA goes well with this.

Country Home Roasted Braised Pork Ribs – this probably has a little American influence. Despite the limited capacity of the size of the kitchen, the doneness of the ribs is so good, the meat falls off effortless. The sauce is a little rich & sweet on the taste. IPA or RA goes well.

As for simple bites to go with the liquid breads:

Italian & German Sausages –I suggest their house brewed apple cider with this.

combo-1Smoked Duck & Roasted Pork Belly – I suggest the GA or NBA

Good tasting food to go with good tasting beers, seated in a nice cozy joint, away from the hustle & bustle of city life can be pretty comforting. If it were a little more accessible, I believe will be easily capacity filled.


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