[Closed] Noodles & Longevity

Shimbashi Soba @ 23 Serangoon central #b1-02, Nex, Singapore 556083

IMG_20140304_200223 (Small)As Sons of the Orient, I believe we’re no stranger to the concept that noodle consumption is associated with acquiring longevity. Well, case in point! It seems studies & findings have suggested that consuming buckwheat noodles brings us one step closer to longevity.

Soba, customarily celebrated & consumed during special occasions, but is made readily available everyday & night.

The recent dry spell that our island was experiencing – made it reason enough for me to pay a visit to this joint for some chilled soba. The highlight is none other than their very own handmade buckwheat soba.

Chilled Mugi Cha – free flow chilled fragrant roasted barley tea

I’m no nutrition guru, but I’ve read somewhere that Mugi Cha packs a lot of goodness; inhibits bacteria colonization & lowers blood viscosity etc. and since its free flow, I must have had at least a jug.

IMG_20140304_200621 (Small)Salmon yuuke – fresh salmon slices, seasoned lightly with oils & topped with a fresh quail’s egg

This little dish of appetizer is not supposed to be consumed like cookie monster does it. Mix the concoction nice & evenly, and you would have yourself egg glazed salmon strips. The oils add fragrance to this simple combination, sit it on the tongue and savor the taste to each bite

IMG_20140304_200818 (Small)For the mains, Mini Tempura Seiro Set – comes with Chilled Soba with dipping sauce, Assorted Tempura & Terriyaki Chicken on rice

IMG_20140304_200701 (Small)IMG_20140304_200754 (Small)Chilled Soba is obviously best consumed cold. I have to add that it is indefinitely a very refreshing experience, especially on a hot afternoon. The buckwheat fragrance teases the tongue thorough on each bite, while the texture comes with a light bounce. Dipping it into the chilled dipping sauce adds flavor, and I strongly recommend pinching some wasabi if you’re keen on a little prickle.

IMG_20140304_200710 (Small)Assorted Tempura comes with a dipping sauce as well. But I wouldn’t recommend soaking it through, in order to enjoy the light crunch, with taste. Because the deep frying process is nicely timed, one could simply consume the shrimp without having to rid the tail.

IMG_20140304_200723 (Small)Terriyaki Chicken on rice serves as a meal putter for me. As you would notice, the earlier mentioned were palate pleasers, but a meal wouldn’t be quite complete if the stomach yearns for more.

The portions in this meal amounts to something I’d consider fulfilling. And I don’t have a problem walking after. Small eaters would consider sharing between two.


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