Claypot with a little ingenuity

Lau Wang Claypot Delight @ Block 263 #01-43, Serangoon Central Drive, Singapore 550263

IMG_20140313_193217 (Small)Kudos to the kind folks from Hungrygowhere for inviting me to this review session

In my opinion, I think it is a bold attempt for the owners to have themselves located in this remote corner of the precinct. To be situated remote from the Nex – largest transit mall in the north-eastern sector, I had mixed feelings; either they’re very confident of the food they offer, or, they’re suicidal.

The main signboard says 旺角 (lucky corner), and encompasses a drink stall that operates day & night, a noodle stall that thrives in the morning till noon, and Lau Wang Claypot Delight (老王沙煲小厨)operates from lunch till dinner.

As it turns out, I learned that the man formulates his own secret recipe, and the dishes featured in their all claypot concept, are prepared & cooked upon order only. Therefore, expect a little waiting time for your order to be served.

Some of the signatures were served up before us to taste, and I have to say here are those I find were mention worthy. In no order of merit:

IMG_20140313_194900 (Small)沙煲麻油/宫保鸡丁 (claypot diced chicken with sesame seed oil, dried chilli & kungpow sauce)

It’s not common for sesame seed oil style to fuse with kungpow style, but this combination shifts the stereotype of both dishes. The integration adds a twist to the initial taste & the after taste. Nonetheless, purists can still choose to have the original of either.

IMG_20140313_195001 (Small)沙煲药材田鸡汤 (claypot frog legs in herbal soup)

Make no mistake, this is not the typical overbearing soup, but rather, is a simple, light & clear soup that reduces the game flavor of the amphibian. Doneness is timed very well, hence, the meat doesn’t flake, and comes off the bones effortlessly.

IMG_20140313_195022 (Small)沙煲姜葱/宫保猪什 (claypot pigs organs with ginger, spring onion, dried chilli & kungpow sauce)

A slightly more potent variant of the earlier mentioned chicken kungpow, as liver is touted to boost one’s iron. Liver fanatics who prefer medium-rare can have their preference made while ordering.

IMG_20140313_200026 (Small)沙煲泰式元蹄 (claypot thai style spicy pig trotters)

Familiar yet unfamiliar; an innovative alternative to the all familiar post natal confinement pig trotters in ginger vinegar, this dish packs a little less sour, but a more sweetness & spice factor to each bite. The skin & meats are well stewed, and probably a delight for seniors without teeth. Do note that this takes unusually longer to cook, so I’d suggest placing your order early.

IMG_20140313_195705 (Small) IMG_20140313_195520 (Small)Sambal Sotong & Sambal Kangkong

Very familiar dishes with less familiar innovation; they are generous to add decent proportion of minced meat to the kangkong so the texture is not always hollow crunch of the vegetable.

The Sambal Sotong I felt was pretty good as a stand-alone. I was nicely satiated with this pot of calamari.

In all fairness, this place offers good food at very affordable prices. And I reckon is worth the pilgrimage, even if it’s just for a small meal.

It’s a short walking distance centered between Nex and the sports complex. HDB carparks within proximity for those who drive/ride.


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