Spring is the season, so is Strawberry!

TODAI @ 2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-01A, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972

Kudos to the kind folks @hungrygowhere & TODAI for inviting me to the table

mother-of-all-1I don’t know if you already know by now, but there’s good reason to revisit TODAI these days. I’m pretty pleased that the management at TODAI has taken painstaking effort to improve & innovate on the variety of their buffet spread constantly.

As my title of this entry suggests, Strawberry is painting the town red!

desserts-1TODAI brings to us freshly picked air-flown Korean Strawberries, and has made it a main event in the spread they display for your picking. I dare say that there were some pretty interesting recipes to raise some brows, and for the gastronomic machinery pining for more.

For the less adventurous eaters, I’d say “life’s too short to be living the tried & tested way, you only live once, you should try everything once!” (If it ain’t good, they wouldn’t dare put it in the buffet spread)

todai-combo-1 todai-combo-2 sashimi-1Meat is what I’d consider a 1st love for me, and grills can never go wrong. Not consuming beef in a Korean owned joint is like not seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

crab-&-oyster-1Meanwhile, the management has heard yawns from past reviews that patrons have grown jaded of Alaskan snow crabs. Lo & behold, they now bring to us fresh stocks of air-flown Golden Crabs direct from the Atlantic! Probably the only joint on the island that has been bold enough to put this rare find in the buffet spread.

golden-crab-1This breed of crustacean is a distanced cousin of the typical Alaskan snow crabs. I have to say, they are a lot meatier, much juicier, and the flesh is sweeter. The meat is not as tough as typical Sri Lankan ones, the shell is easy to manage, the treasure within is good as gold!

todai-combo-3Above all, their fresh oysters are of good size, shucked on the spot… if I had the liberty of having things my way. I wouldn’t bother returning to my seat to down the succulent pearl makers.

Up for grabs presently is also a lucky draw, with every $100 spent; one lucky couple will win a 5D4N trip to Korea, another lucky couple will win a 4D3N trip to Korea. Ten winners would be awarded a pair of TODAI golden vouchers, and another ten winners would be awarded a pair of TODAI silver vouchers.

TODAI salutes the senior citizens (aged 60 & above) with a 20% discount for dinners on every Monday & Wednesday.

Parents too are rewarded for being nice to their kids. TODAI offers complimentary one (01) kid’s lunch buffet for each paying adult. And complimentary one (01) kid’s lunch/ dinner buffet for each paying adult.

Is there any reason not to patronize TODAI these days? I should think that things will only get better!


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