Pride of ROC rocking it

鼎泰豐 Din Tai Fung @ Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-63 Singapore 018972

I had the honor of hosting a guest from abroad, and where else would be a better place to showcase our cityscape, other than from the Marina Bay Sands. The guest was craving for some oriental flavors, and was specific that it should not cost us a bomb. It didn’t take much effort to make a beeline for DTF.

The reputation of DTF is something to be reckoned with, because it is almost a norm to have a perpetual queue during most of their operating hours. No prizes for guessing, we had no exceptions, apart from the advantage that the turnovers for 2-seaters are usually faster.

We were given a queue number and the order sheet, to place our orders before being assigned our seat (one sure guarantee of minimized waiting time) for food to be prepared & served.

Service was prompt, our queue number displayed, and ushered our seat.

IMG_20140211_190700 (Small)柠檬香茅汁 Lemongrass Juice & 伯爵柠檬茶 Earl Grey Lemon Tea

Our chilled beverages were served shortly after we were seated. Pay a little closer attention and you will notice they serve the chilled beverages with ice balls of the same thing, smart! That way, the taste remains consistent even when the ice melts away.

We took a sip or two, and our piping hot foods were served in succession.

IMG_20140211_190828 (Small)红油抄手 Oriental Wontons with Black Vinegar & Chili Oil

This is something not for the faint hearted, because they are generous with the chili oil. As I understand, this is among the top 10 preferred Sichuan snacks. The ingredients and taste is quite self explanatory why the northern central Chinese love it so. The spice factor helps to combat the chilly climate

IMG_20140211_192219 (Small)小笼包 Steamed Pork Dumplings

At DTF, your dining experience is incomplete, or should I say, you’ve not been to DTF if you haven’t tried their xiao long bao. This dish is a craft in itself, because it really isn’t easy to have soup within the dumpling. To time the steaming to precision such that the pork filling is thoroughly cooked, that the soup evolves and doesn’t break through the thin pastry skin, requires some level of mastery.

IMG_20140211_190740 (Small)红烧牛肉汤面 Special Braised Beef Noodle Soup with Beef Brisket

I believe this would be another hallmark for Taiwanese culinary. Nothing comes close to how the Taiwanese pride themselves in breaking barriers with their beef/ brisket noodles. It takes a threshold of slow fire cooking to maintain the juicy tenderness in the beef, the flavors locked well within the meat, and you can just lose your train of thought, and just quietly savor the texture & taste. Being a meatarian myself, I have to admit that I almost forgot to consume the noodles.

IMG_20140211_192158 (Small)蒜炒奶白 Garlic Stir Fried Chinese Milk Cabbage

It’s not everyday that you can get a meatarian to appreciate vegetables, but this is a mark of DTF’s success. The application of physics & chemistry is something quite remarkable, the thinly sliced garlic transfers its aroma to the milk cabbage, while every bite of the milk cabbage is sweetly succulent, the raw sappy green taste is absent, and crunch factor is comfortable towards the stem.

Put it simply, the pleasure of the meal maintains consistent down to the last bite. To satiate the insatiable is a paramount task, and at DTF, I was satiated.

DTF is well sprouted island-wide, so it is considerably easy access, but, be forewarned that you should be expecting the same type of queues.

Happy queuing, happy eating!


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