Sundays are fun days

Sushi Tei @ 1 Harbour Front Walk #02-152/153 VivoCity. Singapore 098585

It all began with a simple invite from fellow blogger Chiuyen for some fun in the sun on Sentosa Island, and our food loving nature got the better of us even before we embarked into the island.

On reaching Vivo City, the human traffic is simply dense. The mall was packed with locals, tourists & migrant labor, all of whom seeking to unwind from their wound up stressed up lives. It’s not unknown that Vivo City hosts a good variety of pig out joints, spoilt for choice, CY & I pondered a little, undecided what would we stuff our faces with, prior to commencing our Project Chowtar (translate: Char grill).

IMG_20140413_115411 (Small)Time is of the essence, we didn’t want to let the golden window of sun blessing slip away, so, decided we to go for the fastest serving dining available, but scratched the idea of fast food. Sushi Tei, it was decided. To gaze upon Sentosa Island, as we down some neat hand crafted Japanese flavors appropriate for the climate.

IMG_20140413_120254 (Small)These were what we savored:

IMG_20140413_121042_editZaru Soba
I’ve to confess that buckwheat has grown on me, not just for its beneficial properties, but primary the fragrance, taste & texture that leaves me craving for more.

IMG_20140413_121647_editCha Soba
CY had the green counterpart of the Zaru, this green tea version is not uncommon, but I’d commend that the aroma of the macha is a lot more vivid, than those offered elsewhere.

IMG_20140413_122833_edit IMG_20140413_122825_editSalmon Ikura & Negitoro Handroll
No Japanese meal is complete without some handroll & sashimi/ sushi, and it is protocol for me. Salmon Ikura is what I’d consider circle of life. Ikura is the beginning of a salmon’s life, and the salmon of course is the matured state. By my books, Negitoro is another delicacy not to be missed; minced fatty Blue Fin Tuna belly with spring onions. Tuna packs a less oily flavor to the munch compared to Salmon, so I reckon is good for non Salmon fans.

IMG_20140413_121144_editKagoshima Wagyu Sushi
Thin sliced raw wagyu beef lightly torch flamed with a sweet sauce likened to familiar teriyaki. The meatarian in me was tempted to order more, but I withheld, owing to the thought that I’d be frightening beach goers if I resembled a walrus.

IMG_20140413_121006_editHamachi (Yellow Tail), Kekajiki (Swordfish) & Tsubugai (Whelk) Sushi
The one thing i’ve always like about Sushi Tei, is their attention to detail & consideration of table dining space. Whenever multiple sushi orders are placed, they’d endeavor to serve them all in a neat chilled ceramic platter. Hence, the presentation serves justice to how the sushi essentially taste.

The meal was accompanied with free flow of hot green tea, not only refreshing, but also resets the palettes to better enjoy the next item put into the mouth.

Good food at affordable prices, nice ambience & view. Among the long list of Sushi Tei outlets island-wide, this is 1 of the few joints I prefer.

Be warned: the queuing during lunch & dinner hours can look like concert ticketing queues. Hence, reservation would make good sense. For those who’re lazy to use their smart phones, and prefer to walk-in, its advisable to try and beat the rush hours.


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