Once You Go Black, You’ll Never Look Back

Tontei Pork Restaurant @ 23, Serangoon Central #B1-79, nex, Singapore 556083

Been swarmed with several things on the platter, and running a little behind time with my long overdue reviews of some of the good stuff I’ve tasted in the recent weeks. It’s not everyday that people would deny themselves of Kurobuta (aka Berkshire pig).

To any meatarian, Kurobuta is quite likely the preferred type of ham, for reasons obvious; juiciness, tenderness, flavor and thorugh pink-hued marbling. And because of its attributes, it’s almost quite impossible to ruin it over prolonged cooking, unless intentional.

To get the palettes started, Maguro Sashimi. Quite typically, some refer it as Bluefin Tuna. For the price we pay, they’re quite likely farmed & ranched types, with slightly lower fat content than the wild ones, and quite certainly safer because of lower mercury contamination compared to wild ones.

Weight watchers & people sensitive to their waistline should learn to appreciate tuna over the fattier counterparts. It’s probably the leanest meat source; incredibly low fat percentage per serving.

The Kurobuta Shabu Shabu set comes with a combination of sliced kurobuta, assorted vegetables in sesame soup, assorted tempura, salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, rice & sliced oranges.

Served over a miniature gas stove, allow the assorted vegetable to cook uninterrupted, the natural juices from the vegetables will come to a boil, and that’s when you can help yourself to dunking or scalding the sliced kurobuta.

The salmon is nicely tender and naturally oily while the color is not artificial. The assorted tempura meanwhile makes for a crunchy snack while waiting for the soup to boil. The taste, texture & consistency of the chawanmushi are nothing short of the word nice. I should think is a big hit for the young at heart.

The chilled green tea is also rather handy to rinse & calibrate the palettes for another mouth full.


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