Have a break, go Vegan

Loving Hut @ Joo Chiat
229 Joo Chiat Road #01-01 Singapore 427489
Tel: +65 6348 6318 (Reservation of seats / Takeaway Order/ Catering Order)

Kudos to the folks at HGW & Loving Hut for invitation to the table

Loving Hut is a franchise from the global group, and is actively promoting foodies to try going vegan for a change. Not particularly for any religious reasons, but more for health as well as being part of a global initiative, to improve our environment.

To be honest, it started out quite a big challenge for me, since I’m a bona fide meatarian. However, this was an eye opener; owing to the creativity & impression set upon my 1st encounter at this cozy little hidden find.

Loving Hut has conjured a localized menu that adheres strictly to their vegan principles without compromise for taste & texture. Not to mention, the calorie count is endorsed by Health Promotion Board (HPB) too. So, the weight watchers, health conscious and those with stricter dietary regimes need not fret.

Miracle Juice & Avocado Smoothie – it was quite a hot & humid day, so we decided to cool things off with the 2 signature drinks.

The Miracle Juice is a concoction of apples, beetroot, carrots & pineapple. This combination is probably one of the most vitamin packed beverage I’ve had in a while. The fragrant & sweet pineapple give it a tropical breeze

The Avocado Smoothie is a blend of avocado, coconut juice & flesh. The texture is buttery, and thirst quenching.

I’d be torn if I had to make a choice between the 2, despite the contrasting flavor & texture.

The following are selections from the below 500 calories list

Bali Bliss Soba Salad (I like much!)– this is a buckwheat soba noodle inspired dish that boasts a long list of nutritional benefits. Thinly julienned carrots, radish, beetroot, avocado, topped with alfalfa sprouts & baked tempeh, blanketing the chilled soba. Drizzle the sesame & balsamic vinegar dressing, give it a toss, and it’s ready for consumption. In my opinion is an ideal meal for any given day, all the more appropriate if it’s been a hot day.

Alfredo Shrooms Crepe & Nyonya Rendang Crepe – the vegan filling for these 2 were pretty impressive. Apparently, the filling for the rendang is a creative mix of soya products to simulate the texture of minced meats. Of the 2, I’d prefer the shrooms, as it’s one of the few non meat ingredients that I find myself indulging in quite often. The fries are pleasantly addictive, sprinkled with a dose of vitamin B12.

Nyonya Laksa Lemak (I like much!)– this is somewhat a lighter version of the infamous Laksa, and because it is lighter, it is also less spicy than the usual. Flavor is familiar as to the Kelantan Laksa. I enjoyed it very much; had 2nd & 3rd helpings, and eventually I did everyone the honor of finishing it. This dish features imported mock prawns from Taiwan, and they’ve subsidized coconut milk with a good portion of soya milk.

Tunna Zen Sandwich – another familiar yet unfamiliar surprise. The patty is a soy based meat substitute, flavored & grilled nicely, and the mayonnaise is egg-less. Again featured is the French fried with vitamin B12. I reckon would be well received by the younger ones & the young at heart.

Almond Crumb Fillet (I like much!)– the croquette is potato & almond based, and more almond in the breaded crumb layer. Stacked on mashed potatoes with buttered vegetables. I understand that not many people are fans of almond, but for those who like me appreciate almond, would find this pretty enjoyable.

A medley of pasta – Best-O-Pesto, Aglio Olio Supremo & Pasta Alla Napolenatta

The Best-O-Pesto is creamy in texture, and achieved without the milk & cheese. No fear of putting too many inches round the waist, since it tasted and felt very light. Besides, the asparagus & sprinkle of herbs suffice to stroke the palates well.

Aglio Olio Supremo – there’s no hidden secrets to Aglio Olio, since they are essentially very light, generous drizzle of extra virgin oil, and a good mix of mushrooms & vegetables.

Pasta Alla Napolenatta – tomato puree based, good amount of chopped tomatoes & vegetables. I have to admit, I wasn’t really missing the meats when indulging on this one.

Miss Saigon Pho Noodle Soup (I like much!) – This is probably another game changer that impressed me much. I survived pretty much on Pho while I read my degree abroad.  This vegan soup base is something out of this world. Little did I know, that much can be achieved from vegetables & sweetcorn that actually taste better than those from meat/ bones stock. The choice of thinner rice noodles is intentional, so that you can enjoy more of the soup as you go along.

Desserts lined up were predominantly soy based

Mudvelicious – chocolate soy ice-cream mud pie, layered with chilled walnut paste & crumbs

The Daily Scoop – soy based low fat brown rice ice-cream available in several flavors; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and hazelnut, topped with almond flakes & drizzles of chocolate sauce.

Vegan Beers – Beer you’ll never get drunk on, true to the taste with malt fragrance but with literally no alcohol content. Personally, the white is good, but I have preference for the darker version.

Happy Hour on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays (1600-1800hrs), 20% discount for all desserts.

This one time experience has changed my perspective & stereotype towards vegan/ vegetarian food for good. In fact, I’ve been trying different things in the kitchen in recent days, in the hope that I can conjure some healthy meat-free dishes myself.

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