[Closed] Trời và Đất (Heaven and Earth)

Saigon Vietnamese Delicacy 749 Geylang Road, Singapore 389655 Tel: +65 9680 4363 www.facebook.com/SaigonVietnamDelicacy

This little home kitchen style restaurant is nicely nestled along Geylang Road (adjacent to Lorong 39), just a short walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT station (exit D). As it appears, this joint is well patronized by authentic Vietnamese foodies who crave for the less commercial mood & feel.

No fear of sleaze factor and you can dine without fear of the hustle, because the night scene & grown up entertainment belt is at least 3 to 4 intersections away.

On entering this little joint, greeted with the serene hospitality, it was almost as if I’ve time traveled, and the bustle of the busy road is shut out behind me. The setting of the restaurant is simple, lined with tables of 4 seats.

Introduced to a small photo album for menu, it wasn’t difficult to decipher what to order. The only dilemma is which item best to order. Photo representation is not always the most precise, and much is left to suspense, since I couldn’t quite make out how unique each dish would turn out.

In my opinion, Pho is probably the most typical that any would pick, but me being adventurous, I went trigger happy with my selection.

Grass Jelly drink with Sago Seeds – this is something to cool the system, while the Sago Seeds add to the interesting bead-like texture on each sip. But be sure to give it a thorough stir, because the sweetener is right at the bottom.

Viet Shrimp & Pork Dumpling – this is a light appetizer, minced shrimp & pork filling wrapped in a glistening flour dough skin, somewhat similar to the Chinese Soon-Kueh, except this version is about the size of Gyoza. Served with a lightly seasoned fish sauce & chili flake dip.

* Dunking the dumpling into the dip wouldn’t do much for taste, because the wrap isn’t going to soak it in. However, I helped myself to a bit of the sauce from a spoon for each bite I took of the dumpling, and was pretty tasteful.

Viet Beef Stew Noodle – this is not the typical Pho, despite the common ingredients, in the likes of; rice noodles, beef, garnish etc. It’s got a slightly thicker soup base with some chunks of carrots & vegetables. The beef is boiled to sheer tender goodness. Give it a good stir, and you wouldn’t find additional condiments necessary.

Stir Fried Beef on Shredded Morning Glory stalks – this dish would make a good meal if it went along with steamed fragrant rice. The thinly sliced beef are juicy & tender, and the lemon/citrus juice sprinkled add to the refreshing taste. Do not be afraid, the shredded morning glory is not for decorative purpose, it is edible, and in my opinion is crunchy delicious.

In case the stigma of having to shell out lots of cash for indo-chinese cuisines is hindering you, this joint throws that fear out the window. The prices are so affordable, I reckon would even give the local tze-char stalls a race for the moo-la.

For the usual price you’d pay for a meal at fast food joints, this is definitely a healthier alternative.


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