Steam Steam Steam your Boat

Shi Li Fang 食³
181 Orchard Road 07-10/11, ORCHARD CENTRAL,
Singapore 239996

Kudos to the kind folks at Hungrygowhere & Shi Li Fang for the invitation

Shi Li Fang (SLF) is conveniently located smack in the middle of the Orchard shopping belt, exit Somerset MRT station, take the all clear see thru lift up to the 7th and have your fill.

The single dedicated convection stove heated hot pot is not unseen or unheard of, but I have to say that SLF upholds & preserves integrity towards what makes northern steamboat what is it – their generous variety of condiments, nuts, herbs, chillies, sauces & dips.

My personal recommended combo:
1 Ground celery, parsley, spring onions, garlic, chilli, sprinkle a little sugar, salt & peanut
2 Tiny drip of oyster sauce, ground peanut, roasted sesame seeds, sugar, submerged in peanut sauce

On a typical day, it would be most recommended to take the $9.90 lunch promo. Otherwise, take the all day, all meats & seafood at 50% off (drinks exclusive).

Seeing that this was a very new establishment, the only way to ascertain if it’s good, was to attempt what the brave would do, what none has done before – order the Achilles heel of ingredients

I picked 2 soups: tomato, mushroom
My rationale was to deliberately have a strong contrast between the soups to go with the same items. And I have to say, this combination was pretty decent. Those with little or no threshold for spice can consider following suit.

Seafood: scallops, cuttlefish, squid, prawns
The scallops are truly fresh, sweet & succulent. In fact, they looked so fresh, I was quite tempted to bring on the wasabi & shoyu. The soft springy texture of these fresh catches were simply good.
Tip: kill the heat, drop the seafood into the soup and bring it to a boil on low heat.

Meats: rib-eye, prime rib, specialty beef tenderloin, specialty pork tenderloin, specialty seasoned chicken, 3 layer pork, kidney, liver
You know when a steamboat joint is confident of its quality, when kidney & liver is on the menu. Why? If the kidney or liver isn’t prepared appropriately, you can smell it before it’s served. In short, they’ve earned my thumbs up with their meats.

Greens & plants: lotus root, oyster mushroom, shitake, winter melon & spinach
The lotus root is lightly toasted so it doesn’t go soggy in the soup, the winter melon sweetens the soup and spinach gives Popeye strength. The mushrooms serve as sponge that gives you the goodness in the soup as you chew on. Caution: soup is hot!

For the average Joe & Jane, the quality is more than one could ask for than the price paid.


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