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Makan @ Jen
Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road Level 10
Singapore, 238858
T: +65 6708 8899

Kudos to the kind folks from Hungrygowhere & Hotel Jen for the invitation

Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway is one of the newest addition in town, and planted in the middle of the Orchard Road shopping belt (just above Somerset MRT Station). A new & upbeat facet of Shangri-La’s reincarnation of the Traders Hotel. Armed with the conjoined shopping arena on the lower decks, and a roof top lap pool. Interior refreshing, and lots of full windows to allow better aerial appreciation of the precinct.

Makan @ Jen is located at Level 10, operates from 0630hrs – 2300hrs daily. Offers a neat range of a la carte and/or buffet style feasting options. The spread comprises of local fairs as well as international & seafood variants. The confection & dessert station is child friendly, and quite possibly going to keep the kids in their seats.

They’ve also a $9.90++ a la carte lunch deal that they promise to roll out quick enough for the one hour lunch shuttler. There’s option of pay-per-munch additions if visitors wish for dibs at selected buffet stations ie: $5.00++ for salad station, $5.00 for desserts etc (check with the friendly & hospitable service crew for clarity).

Weekday dinner buffet at $40.00++/pax and $55.00++/pax on weekends is something quite hard to beat.

Here are some insights of what the buffet spread looks like

Seafood on Ice (sushi & sashimi on the sides)
The likes of good sized simmered prawns, clams (lala) and mussels settled on a bed of ice, stacked alongside with salmon belly & tuna sashimi, accompanied with selection of inarizushi, makizushi, nigirizushi, uramaki sushi, with generous helpings of lemon slices, sauces, dips, wasabi & shoyu and young ginger slices on the side.

Salads of the Archipelago (or beyond)
Myriads of fresh leaves and greens for the juicy crunch lovers, with selections of Gado-Gado, Achar, Thai inspired meat strip salad, pomelo salad, Portobello and more. And if you’re a carbohydrate lover, loaves of baked selection on the side.

Cooked Food

Ranging from fresh grilled beef or chicken slices, barbecued squid or crayfish, brown sauce & drizzles on the side, sautéed cod fish slices, sweet & sour batter coated pork cubes, garlic cloves on broccoli, roast duck & pork belly, Prata (Indian Crepes), chicken curry, chickpea curry, roasted cheese fries, slow cooked salmon, stir fried noodles, baked macaroni and sautéed fresh vegetables.

On the spot cook, douse or toss

Noodle station allows you to pick your choice of noodles and soup. Kueh Pie-tey & Popiah (spring roll) station is less conventional, the sauces are on the side so the rolls don’t end up soggy. The local Rojak station allows you to put your own creativity flair into action.

Confection & desserts

Local treats in the likes of Onde-Onde (klepon/ buah melaka), Kueh Lapis, Kueh Ku (Ang Ku Kueh) for grabs. In the chiller, you’d find, Pandan Chiffon, Pandan tart, lemon tart, chocolate tart etc. all sliced into wedges, marshmallow buckets with chocolate dip & sprinkles on the side. Chilled tubs of assorted flavored ice cream, with chocolate drizzle, sprinkles & almond flakes on the side. Chilled cubed fruits & melons if you’re watchful of your sugar intake.

Hot or Cold beverage

Tea & coffee stations located in several spots for easy access, cold beverages with flavored syrup lined up at the bar counter in the rear.

And if Makan @ Jen isn’t enough to satiate your appetite for pleasure, check out Lounge @ Jen and/or Baywatch @ Jen.


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