Bay watch… Bay watched

Bay Sushi
2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-01B,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972
T: +65 6688 7707

In lieu of my shortened lunch, my exploits at the expo ended just in time to call it a day. I had a hunger to satiate as well as a raging craving for sushi… it was quite a no brainer to make a beeline for Bay Sushi; which was only a short stroll from the MBS Convention Halls. On arrival, I realized I was nearly 2hrs ahead of the typical post work dinner crowd, it’s apparent that the service staff outnumbered diners… in this case, myself and 2 others who were seated before me.

Ushered to a 2-seater and issued the menu, I asked for a cold green tea (free flow) and was allowed a quiet moment to study what’s in the menu. The creativity in naming of the hand rolls were really quite a novelty, and I’d confess that I was rather tempted to order quite a long list. To add to the dilemma, the set dinner menu was also very enticing. Permutations of order combinations were running through my head.

Fresh Oysters
The freshly shucked pair drizzled with light sauce & sprinkled with spring onion garnish, served on a bowl of ice, and 2 paper thin slices of radish & a wedge of fresh cut lemon on the side. However, given the presentation, there’s little or no need to employ the use of the lemon slices.

Sushi Dinner Set
This set menu is sufficient to feed a typical adult, and possibly 2 small eaters

Iced Fresh Seafood
One fresh shucked oyster (just like the opener), and a half shelled Alaskan crab leg (convenience diners for easy picking), served on a bowl of ice, and a wedge of fresh cut lemon on the side… didn’t need to employ the use of the lemon slices.

A combination of deep fried battered prawn & sliced vegetable; light and not greasy. Nice on its own, though I’d prefer it to come with the tempura sauce dip.

Salmon Salad
I’m pretty sure these are salmon belly since the texture was very tender & buttery. I didn’t want the influence of the salad dressing disguise the natural taste of the fish, so, I didn’t toss nor stir. Otherwise, it’s supposed to be consumed after tossing.

A piping hot bowl of miso soup on the side, and the Chawanmushi is neat. Surprise yourself as you dig in to find condiments and prawn to add to the texture & taste.

A bowl of Udon noodles in dark soup familiar to that of duck soup, topped with thinly sliced deep fried tofu (locals call it taupok), accompanied with shredded seaweed paper and condiments.

Nigiri Sushi
This assortment is quite a splendor to look at. They’re served on a bed of cold stone plate greeting me at a 30° orientation. Featured herein are; Salmon (Sake) nigiri, Tuna (Maguro) nigiri, Yellow Tail (Hamachi) nigiri, Prawn (Ebi) nigiri, Egg (Tamago) nigiri, Unagi (Eel) nigiri, flame torched salmon nigiri and seared beef sushi.

Seems like quite a feast huh? Well, I guess you could just air the infamous Depeche Mode song Just Can’t Get Enough, so decided I to add one roll to complete the feast, the Hawaiian Roll.

Maki sushi style, maguro, avocado, minced crab meat with mayo & crumbed deep fried stalk of hamachi, wrapped in a thin layer of radish wrap, planed using the knife.

In my opinion, dining was a pleasure and seeing how the menu is designed… it’s alright to dine alone, with one (significant) other, as a bunch of four, and all the better if you’ve got more.


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