Foodie Parkour

Food Park @ Central Festival
Moo 10, Ground Floor Central Festival, Beach Road, Pattaya,
Bang Lamung, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, 20150

The Central Festival is right smack in the middle of the coastal stretch that overlooks the gulf, and is heavily patronized by the hordes of beach going European tourists, and well visited by the locals too. The food park is not quite different to any of the other food courts in malls of Bangkok City.

One would be required to purchase a stored value card, in order to make the necessary purchase of food & beverage with the stalls. Change will be returned if there is balance remaining in the card.

Kway Chap/ Kah-Moo (trotters) – unlike the typical Chinese Teochew style, the Thai style is a lot less dark. Their choice cuts of meats are often the collagen rich, fattier portions of the limbs; typically the thigh & trotters. The aroma of the dried spices is more potent, but the long hours of broiling suffice to ensure that the flavor is all round. And often consumed with Thai fragrant rice, their pickled cabbage is a lot leafier, hence, less crunchy that the Chinese style, and has a light sweetness in the after taste.

Som-tum Thai – “pounded sour” or so it means. Thai papaya salad is a signature dish that must not be missed. Shredded green papaya flesh, tossed in a thorough mix of shredded carrots, long beans, dried shrimps, crushed peanuts, tomato wedges, kaffir lime, miniature chili, garlic, drizzled in palm sugar, lime juice, fish sauce etc.

I must say there are plenty of other permutations to Som-tum, with a little more gastronomically adventurous ingredients, but to be on the safe side, Som-tum Thai is neutral. Hence, shouldn’t be ruining your vacation.

Lemongrass Drink – this is an iconic beverage that is one of my personal favorites. This drink is probably double boiled or triple boiled in order for the essence and fragrance of the lemongrass to be consistent at every sip. And is certainly thoroughly refreshing, not just for the palates but a thirst quencher too.

All in all, I’d say the prices are pretty affordable ranging between THB 60~180, while the beverages hovering at the THB 50 range.


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