Golden State of Mind

Beer Thai House Restaurant (บ้านเบียร์ไทย)
5001, Beach Road 01-94/96,
Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588
T: +65 6297 7644

Nong Khai Beer House
5001 Beach Road, #01-73/74,
Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588

Barely a few days on returning from my hearty fun filled trip in the Land of Smiles, together with more than 6500 like-minded friends, I found myself to be suffering from withdrawal. How bad was it? Try prying a suckling baby from the mother’s tit. To be suddenly denied the wealth of palate flexing Thai delicacies (available almost at every street corner), warrants me to satiate my desire fast and furious.

I didn’t have to think twice about whereabouts, because I knew Golden Mile Complex (GMC) was, and still is, the place to be for some authentic Thai flavors. There have been increasing food joints sprouting, and occasional change of hands in the last decade.

Of the long list, two of the bastions hasn’t failed my expectations, and continue to reign high in my books, by my standards.

The bulk of my meal was sorted out at Beer Thai House, followed with authentic salads at Nongkhai Beer House

Young Coconut – the natural sweetness of the juice tastes best when consumed chilled. And sciences suggest that it’s amongst the best naturally packaged beverages, nature has to offer. Some say, anti-ageing too~! Well, from the gastronomic point of view, it’s a good thirst quencher, and pretty effective on neutralizing chili burn.

Kway Teow Nuea Nam Tok (Beef Kway Teow in Soup) – the name for this bowl of goodness is simple, but the flavors and layers within the soup is a lot more complex than it seems. Help yourself to as much basil leaves and bean sprouts to your liking, and give it a good stir for the aroma to blend. The beef slices are thick enough not to break when tweezed with chopsticks, yet thin enough to chew with much ease.

# the original style requires a dash of blood to thicken and sweeten the soup, but given the stringent health regulation, the soup comes from compounded hours of broth brewing; derived from bones.

Yahm Hoi Kraeng (Cockles Salad) – cockles lovers would probably enjoy this down to the last bit. Like all Thai style salads, it’s never short of the three S’s: Sweet, Sour and Spicy. The concoction with generous play of mint & basil leaves, shredded shallots & red onions; with the random textures of cockles small or smaller, gives it different dynamics on each mouthful.

Yahm Lahb Meua Nahng (Spicy Chicken Feet Salad) – the naturally tasteless, crunchy jelly-like feet is given a new list of meaning when thrown in the sweet, sour and spicy mix.

# for the less adventurous, the idea seems a little revolting. But that’s only because you’re probably don’t understand enough about the bird’s anatomy, as well as the art of culinary.

Somtum Bpoo Maa (Papaya Salad with fresh Flower/ Blue Crab) – amongst all variants and permutations of the papaya salad, this is BY FAR my favorite. In order not to put the palate through a roller coaster, this concoction is designed to be inclined on sweetness. The flower/blue crab is fresh, and is lightly crushed so the flavors are a little better balanced with its natural sea salted flesh.

Generally, most Thai salads use a good amount of palm sugar, fish sauce as well as crushed peanuts. So if you’ve got allergies, or if you’ve got a tiny threshold for spice factor, it is strongly advisable that you request accordingly when ordering.

Ultimately, no matter how humble or small the establishment is, you’re highly unlikely to be denied service with a smile.


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  1. Ang says:

    Pls remove the hp number. The hp number does not belong to the restaurant.

    1. Alvin Tan says:

      i’ve already removed the mobile number. thanks for your valuable input & support.

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