Salted Satiation Sensation

Blk 3 Lorong Lew Lian #01-76
Singapore 531003

Over the course of the past months, I’ve heard much hype from my friends and blue banner partners, touting that the Salted Egg battered Pork Rib Rice 咸蛋排骨饭, at this remote little sleepy precinct, is amongst the best they’ve ever tasted.

Truth be told, I was pretty skeptical, since I’ve not known them to be calibrated for food reviews. At the back of my mind, Salted Egg battered everything is nice, so there’s really no big deal about the ingredient variant.

They know me to be quite a critic, and echoes suggest I should give it a try. Well, perhaps my review would somewhat set the benchmark, so everyone knows how their palates are positioned on a matrix?

It was almost 10, or was it 11pm when we arrived at this KOPITIAM, a quick glance suggests that options are limited, and quite typically, only the Tze Char stall would have a decent selection to choose from. We placed our order for the Salted Egg battered Pork Rib Rice 咸蛋排骨饭, and because the lady recognized some familiar faces with our blue banners, she threw in a complimentary sunny side up.
The presentation is pretty straight forth, but the 1st thing that struck me was… OMG! Why does it look so dry?

Under normal circumstances, Salted Egg battered anything is usually stir fired to a light creamy texture, sprinkled with condiments and crispy scented leaves. However, this version is my first encounter that it’s fried to a crisp, and there was little/ no sign of residual oil.

The moment of reckoning came when I took the first bite, and the rest was history. The crunch to the crust was likened to that of a typical cutlet. The saltiness of the egg is well balanced and not over bearing, and the batter left a light creamy aftertaste, that somewhat build up the momentum. So much so, once you start, you just can’t stop.

I have to admit that this is probably a first of its kind, despite the name seemingly common, and I’d say that this is worth the journey to make.


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