Prancing Bovine

Odeon Beef Noodles 奧典牛肉粉
(Food Junction)
23 Serangoon Central #04-36-37, nex
Singapore 556083

Having been frequenting Food Junction at Nex ever since its establishment, I’ve become quite familiar with what’s mention worthy, and what’s not worth my time penning (let alone, your time reading). I was surprised to find out that the Wisma Wah Eng Beef House has made exodus, and now, there’s Odeon Beef Noodles holding the fort.

I don’t want to speculate policies or debates on reasons, but as a meatarian with a pretty decent taste, I welcome the change; not because I didn’t enjoy the former, but rather I find the latter pretty good too.

The order of the day: Mixed Beef Noodles “Dry” (aka with starch)

I’ll spare you the details on the similarities, but I’ve observed some contrasts that have made it pretty endearing for my palates:

At first glance, the pickled cabbage is chopped into fine bits (as was the coriander/ parsley), and is just a tiny bit, which is good, so the saltiness doesn’t overkill. The chinchalok (fermented baby shrimp sauce) is a light colored version, and the scent isn’t too strong.

Upon carrying the platter off from the counter, there’s a subtle palate whetting fragrance from a secret sauce they sprinkle, and it just makes me quicken my pace to find a seat, so to start ingesting.

I like my beef noodles tangy, so I’d squeeze the lime juice prior to giving it a thorough stir. To lighten things a little, a spoonful of the soup. And by the way, the soup is less salty, and has a light sweetness in the aftertaste.

The cubes of beef are so thoroughly cooked, even the chopsticks sufficed to dissect the cubes. As for the tendons & brisket, I somewhat feel they’re a little too soft for me. But I’m pretty certain older folks, especially the pioneer generation would find this pretty enjoyable.

So cheers to our nation’s jubilee, and kudos to the pioneers that helped rough the tough, so that generations to come, can continue to bask in the good times.


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