Petit-déjeuner pour le déjeuner

23 Serangoon Central #02-14, nex
Singapore 556083
T: 6634 4427

I know this post seems a little late, but hey, there’s 12 days of Christmas.

It was the eve of Christmas 2014, everyone’s already in the festive mood. I was obviously in the festive mood – since I decided I’d have my breakfast after lunch hour, before I’d commence my last minute shopping for Christmas wrapping.

As expected, the mall was packed with hordes of shoppers, all desperately doing their last minute festive shopping. And the eateries would also be lined with endless queues. I made a wise decision to avoid the masses.

Not wanting to ruin my dinner plans, I grabbed some light stuff from the chiller

Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad – a decent bowl of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, sliced hard-boiled egg, bread and smoked salmon. It comes with a wedge of lemon on the side, so one has a choice of really going lite, or throw in the shot of creamy tartar concoction. Fresh, light, juicy & crunchy.

Smoked Salmon Kraftkorn – this is probably one of the weight watchers wouldn’t feel too guilty about eating. The kraftkorn packs only approximately 75 cal, while the leafy lettuce, onions, tomatoes & smoked salmon shouldn’t tilt the counter by much. Likewise, it comes with a wedge of fresh cut lemon, so one can choose to zest things up a little, or to have the kraftkorn straight.

This café comes with some decent seating arrangements, so just go ahead and grab yourself a seat.


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