Hey Miki you’re so fine… you blow my mind


Miki Snacks Oriental Cuisine 美集
865 Mountbatten Road B1-127/128
Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844
T: 6440 4913/ 6440 1318

Kudos to the kind folks of HGW and Miki for inviting me to the table

Founded since 1986 is the 1st alarm that triggered in my mind. It is rare to find F&B establishments that can write so many chapters in history, particularly this close to 3 decades. And I think is more than just a feather in the hat… at least from the perspective of an Indian Chief. Snacks says its name, but in all due respect is more than just a snack kiosk. This tzechar establishment has one of the most comprehensive menus I’ve ever come across, and is leagues ahead of others in the same category. To be frank, it’d take at least 20-30min to study the wide variety of dishes they offer before one can place the orders. One thing’s for certain – spoilt for choice.

In this sitting, we’re hosted by the young 2nd generation custodian (who happens to be my junior from Polytechnic). Yet again is a rarity these days to encounter hand-me-down businesses, especially in the F&B industry. And we’re introduced to 16 dishes in total, all of which are some of their best sellers.

In this entry, I shall be sharing some of the best (in my opinion) amongst the 16 that I’ve tasted, and I’ll leave the remaining to your own discovery & discretion.

Salt+Pepper Pork Rib – I’d consider it somewhat innovative, and not something you’d find common despite the simplicity to the name. The finely chopped pepper, onions and seasonings lightly blanched and doused on the deep fried pork rib was tastefully done.

Miki Prawn Paste Chicken – yet another brow raiser. They use the entire wing, and that to me suggests fresh wings, and not frozen. The lightly salted taste was quite addictive. Peeling the flesh off with a light crunchy crusted skin was an enjoyable experience. I literally picked almost all traces of the meats off the bits, leaving a minimalist pile of dried wing bones.

Aromatic Pork Rib – sweet and sour was the element, but there’s a good balance to the taste. The sweetness isn’t over bearing that warrants chugging water, neither was the sourness cringing while the lightly spiced fragrance lingers.

Spicy Stir-Fried French Beans – for a meatarian to be having second takes & thirds, you probably get the idea. The golden brown garlic crumbs with a light dose of minced meats gave this dish a little more dynamics to the flavor and crunch factor.

Crispy Cereal Prawns – you know it’d good when the cereal crumbs are light and dry, literally no traces of oil leaks. The prawns are fat and juicy, fried crispy to the point the shell becomes like wafer. Nothing went to waste, I ate the prawns whole, didn’t have to de-shell.

Miki Curry Fish Head – served in a claypot like more establishments would, one prominent feature is the use of deep fried tow-kee (bean curd skin). Break the tow-kee down to reasonable bits, and consume with the coconut fragrance curry, to know the difference over others. Accompanied with a small plate of emping (bitter keropok), dip the emping into the curry for a nice twist of bitter-sweet. The snapper head is nicely done, where the meat fall off the bones easily without even flaking. The sweeter portions are always closer to the bones, so be cautious of bones.

Crispy Butter Calamari – unlike some places where you’d get typical deep fried calamari, they do it with butter, and so the batter has a rich milky aftertaste to it. The squid is also done nicely, comes with a light bounce as you chew, but no worries of it being jaw breaking rubber bands.

Thai Style BBQ Pork – I wouldn’t say that this is truly Thai pe se, but I’d laud the ingenuity in the seasoning, for it tastes really familiar to satay. And no, the pork wasn’t dry on the grill, but has a consistent juicy succulent texture.

Thai Style Chicken Mid Wing – seasoning reminds me very much of the typical Thai BBQ Pork Collar, except a little milder. I’d certainly be looking towards chugging this down while watching a 90min football match.

Thai Style BBQ Prawns – if you recall the fat & juicy crispy cereal prawns earlier, this is a leaner version because it’s grilled. So be advised to shell it before you help yourself to the sweet tender meat within. I have to say that there’s no need for dips.

The following pics are the remaining dishes tried and tasted:
Gold & Silver Egg with AmaranthPrawn RollHotplate BeancurdBlack Pepper VenisonSpicy Kungpow Frog LegsCashew Nut ChickenWith new youth & vigor on the management reigns, they are presently exploring ideas towards making Miki more accessible island-wide; either sprouting new outlets and/or offering more comprehensive delivery services.

Meanwhile, I’ll say it’s worth a Journey To The East to dine at Miki.

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