Fast To Cook, Good To Eat

The Ramen Stall
787 North Bridge Road,
Singapore 198755
T: +65 6655 0800 (reservations)

I was on my way for a scheduled appointment at Parkroyal Hotel – Beach Road. On passing the intersection of North Bridge Road, Jalan Klapa & Aliwal Street, I couldn’t ignore the call of the large glaring red sign board.

I don’t recall sighting it the last time I passed the intersection, deduced that it must be spanking new. As it turned out, this outlet kicked off only in March 2015. Looking at my watch, it was a little early for dinner, seeing that there was still time to sneak a bite before my scheduled appointment, I surprised myself to a meal, made up of random pickings off the menu.

Tuna Sashimi – sliced fresh, and served on a little red boat platter, straight from the chiller. A decent ball of wasabi on the quarter deck, to save the waiting staff from shuttling. I had no doubt of it being served straight from the chiller, because I could almost feel the crystallized juice compress as my bite sank in.

Volcano Ramen – despite the blistering climate in recent weeks, I was intrigued by the name. This not being a contest for spice endurance, I settled for level 1 chili factor. The presentation looked very typical of most bowls of ramen elsewhere. Nonetheless, a sip of the soup is sure to raise some brows. Seeing the little twirls and girth consistency of the ramen, I can’t really decipher it they were the pre-packed type, but the spring in each bite seem to suggest otherwise. I barely broke a sweat, as it was merely level 1 chili factor. But I’ll say the spice adds a little more dynamics to the taste.

Lamb Chop – for a meatarian, no meal is ever complete without some solid meat. It took quite a while for this little piece of lamb to be served, but the wait was worth it. Nicely barbecued over charcoal flame & torched in the hard to reach areas, the juiciness is locked in nice & tight. Sweetness flows with a rewarding tinge of game in each bite. I literally cleaned the meat off the bone, leaving the aftermath just as cleanly presented.

After I’ve satiated my palates, I panned around to observe the premise. By estimate, this joint can easily sit at least 30pax indoors & another 15pax outdoors.

The area buzzes with commercial activity in the day, and chill out once the sun goes down, I should think would be a nice place to knock a few pints of Japanese beer, over some sushi, sashimi or grills too.


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