What To Eat For Iftar, This Ramadan

Tasconi’s Pizza
430 Upper Changi Road #01-61
East Village, Simpang Bedok
Singapore 487048
T: +65 6341 6991 (Delivery)
T: +65 9183 0681 (Enquiries)
E: www.tasconispore@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TasconiPizzaSingapore

Kudos to ChubbyBotakKoala & the management of Tasconi’s Pizza for the invitation

Tasconi’s Pizza unlike most pizzeria, is not Italian that turned Halal, but the reverse. Applying Halal ingredients into the mix to conjure & deliver Italian flavors, pizzas (17 tastes) being the flagship of their menu. It also offers variants of Italian starters and snacks.

Originated from Brunei and founded in 1994 by Malai Abdul Hamid Malai Mashhor, the brand has since been franchised & sprouting across Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and now, Singapore.

Our sitting is a little different this time round, for we were invited to taste & offer our perspectives on their up & coming menus, that will debut at the Geylang Serai Night Bazaar: during the upcoming Ramadan season. So for Muslim friends observing Puasa, be sure to check them out for Iftar.

To start the ball rolling, we’re introduced their in-house concoction of the

Blackcurrent Lemon Tea – refreshing and not as citrus as you’d imagine. We had our second & third rounds of this. I’ve been advised that it’s not available anywhere else, but at the outlet. Those who’ve tasted will concur that it’s worth a trip down to East Village.

Mexican Chicken Wings – sounds conflicting? Italian vs Mexican? I honestly don’t mind how it’s named. Truth is, they use fresh cut wings. The succulent tenderness is a significant contrast to frozen ones you find in secular joints. The spice factor is manageable, though I believe people with slightly lesser threshold may find it a tiny bit challenging.

Shepherd’s Pie – is a tad different from what I’m used to, for they substitute lamb with beef. Purists may find the dynamics of herbal fragrance a little mild. Nonetheless, it’s designed to cater to the masses, where each bite crumbles & melts in the mouth.

Gourmet Pizza- Satay – is somewhat unique in lieu of the presence of the peanut paste, balanced with good portions of chunky beef bits. So, you can now have a satay meal on in a pan, and the crust now replaces traditional ketupat.

Gourmet Pizza- Beef Rendang – is to me a good rendition that bears integrity to the name. No attempt of the westernized interpretation, comes this close to showcasing the profundity of beef rendang with pastry/ dough. Because pizzas are essentially oven baked, so you will not find yourself rolling in a chaos of rendang sauce.

Tasconi’s Pizza has a list of many other pizza selections, and you have the liberty of having 2 halves of different toppings on one pizza. Delivery services are priced $3 per trip, and within 3 kilometer radius.


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