Neo Thai Traditionalist

Moom Muum Park
L5, 5016A-5016B, Zone San Francisco,
Terminal 21,
Sukhumvit 19 Alley,
North Klong Toei,
Bangkok 10110,
T: (+66) 2 254 9247

Found in one of the many busy business intersections of Bangkok City, Moom Muum Park is located on level 5 of Terminal 21 mall, with gallery seats overlooking the bustling busy streets of Sukhumvit road & the Asok BTS station. If you’re familiar with 3-in-1 instant beverage mixes, then, here’s the gastronomical version.

An indie dining concept that offers selection from 3 outlets in 1 seating, offering flavors such as:
Traditional Thai by Tai Thai
Italian food by Fallabella
Japanese food by Japan X

I have to say that the selections from Fallabella & Japan X were enticing. But I have a simple ideology when I travel – “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. My friends & I stick to our guns in trying the local menu as priority, unless absolutely nothing else to choose from.

Grilled Pork Neck with Sticky Rice – authentic as it gets, this platter of pork neck is lean yet succulent. I might warn that the dip is a little pricklier than expected. But I guess is intentional since it’s paired with sticky rice.

Note: sticky rice goes well with almost anything on the Thai menu, because it’s considered a staple.

Somtum Thai – in my opinion, the papaya salad is the mother of all salads across the kingdom. Because, all other variants & permutations are generally derivatives of this ground zero version. What can be found within is typically, shredded young papaya, carrots, long beans, cherry tomatoes, sliced shallots, tiny chili, kaffir lime, dried shrimp, peanut etc.

Cockles Somtum – as an avid lover for cockles, seeing this on the menu warrants it to be served on the table. The cockles are lightly scalded, tossed in the mix, and I really must say that every bite was just delightful.

Tip: try ingesting Thai style – take a small lump of sticky rice, dip in the sauce for taste, and put it in your mouth

Raw Tiger Prawn Salad – the raw tiger prawns are peeled fresh, halved down the back like a butterfly, drizzled with the salad concoction, presented on a hemisphere of shredded cabbage, and sliced bitter gourd.

Note: be (very) amazed by how the locals enjoy the bitter gourd, as if they’re munching on sliced fruits

Basil Leaf Minced Beef on Rice & Sunny Side Up – my not too adventurous buddy is very fast becoming a connoisseur for this dish. He’s already unlocked the minced chicken badge, minced pork badge, and now minced beef. So the Sunny Side up wasn’t really a sunny side up, but it was still good.

Some people may wonder what’s the big deal about Thai food in Thailand, since they’re readily available across the archipelago, and can also be found in pockets around the world?

If you take the time to truly savor the taste of what you put into your mouth, you will comprehend what it really means when you hear the term “Thai Fragrant Rice” or “Thai Jasmine Rice”. On a typical day, in a typical seating, I wouldn’t settle just for 1 serving of the fragrant rice.

Once you’ve tasted the goodness of Thai Fragrant Rice, you would probably conclude that the “premium grade” rice we find in our local supermarket is just bird feed in disguise.


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