Home Away From Home

Soi Pracha Songkhro 36
Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400

sps36As I mentioned in an earlier entry, Huay Khwang Night Market is a micro economy that packs a whole lot of surprises. There are plenty of little alleys where proprietors offer their produces & wares are bargain prices. And food is not a rarity.

Another travel buddy touched down the very evening, and checked in at the same hotel. Famished & going berserk, the hunt for food was on. Weaving our way around the night market, we chanced upon a row of food stalls that appeared rather familiar.

No need to think much, we hurriedly took our seats at one of the sheltered stone table & stone stools. Prices are affordable, so there’s no excuse not to try them all.

Bahmee Moodaeng aka Charsiew Wanton Mee – looks familiar, but is uniquely different to the versions we’ve grown up with. The soup is no plain water, but a potent sweet stock double-triple boiled using bones. The texture of the noodles are a little more springy so it’s pretty good, especially with some soup in each mouthful. The wanton though is wrapped a little less pretty, the content is a little lesser, leaving one to crave for more. Sprinkling of deep fried garlic chips gives it a longer lasting after taste.

Kway Teow Bpaed aka Braised Duck Noodles – is also one of the classics readily available & popularized in the form of instant noodles. The ducks are a little leaner than what we have locally, and the fragrant spice & herbs dulls the gamey taste. The soup is soy based, but comes with a sweet after taste, owing to the hours of bones boiled. Likewise, deep fried garlic chips adds to the taste dynamics.

Khao Maan Gai aka Chicken Rice – is a closer resemblance to the true blue hainanese chicken rice, for they use only capons (castrated cockerel/ rooster). They’re larger than the regular chicken, more meat & less fat. The nature of the chicken being steamed or boiled, is mild in taste. Hence, the lime & chili blend for dips is a highlight. Cut tiny cucumbers are a little juicier than the bigger ones we’re familiar with

This little communion is not a feast, while the total expense is only a fraction of what we’d normally pay for a one pax meal in local context.


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