Un-deserted desserts

D’zerts Cafe
30 Jln Pari Burong,
Singapore 488696
T: +65 6448 6707
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DZerts

Kudos to the organizers & The Arctic Star for extending invitation for me, and honored to be in the company of several other like-minded foodies, namely: Chubby Botak Koala, Purple Taste, Her Pen And Fork, Pooh’s Adventures, Jelly Loves Food, and Ivan Teh – RunningMan.

It turned out to be a punishing afternoon, and I almost felt like it was operation desert storm. My feet were literally cooking in my shoes, while trying to hail a cab under the high noon. Thankfully, managed to catch a crimson red transcab and arrived in the nick of time for the tasting event.

I find this venue somewhat indie, owing to the edible garden out in the front, while, the seating arrangement is simple as can be, and the handwritten menus on white boards positioned randomly (perhaps, a little too simple for some folks). Then again, the saving grace is when the place is filled with the subtle aroma of the waffles – worked up quite an appetite for me.

Here’s a visual account of what the ice-cream waffles tsunami looked like.

I’m no expert on ice-creams, but I have to say that some of the flavors were pretty tasty, and I’m pretty sure I’d return for more. To name a few: peanut butter, hazelnut, Nutella, salted caramel etc. and for the drizzles, I’ll have to say that earl grey has given me quite a lasting impression too.

There were some other stuff on the menu, in the likes of tuna and chicken sandwiches with pasta salad, as well as cheesecake & macha cake.

But me being a meatarian & not much of a sweet tooth, I’d give pass on them. Then again, perhaps a coffee or tea would help moderate the sugar overload for me.

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