Chop Chop Kali Pok

The Chop Chop Selections
348 Bedok Road, Simpang
Singapore 469560
T: +65 9620 7518

The day was still young for our motley crew of foodies, bloggers & instagrammers, and so we thought café hopping was the right thing to do. It was approximately 2hrs past high noon, and the sun was beating & lashing. Initial idea was to pop in at Badoque, only to be declined as they’re scheduled to open in the evening.

Shoulders shrugged, it was only natural that we’d take the steps up to The Bedok Marketplace, to satiate cravings for glorious meats~!

It is notable that the people here have invested much effort to dress up this rustic old place, into something with a class of its own; cooler fans employed in several corners, high bay lights, nicely decorated stall frontage, neat seating arrangements etc.

Fixated our eyes on The Chop Chop Selections to make our picks on the menu. I understand that under normal circumstances, most people would opt for a medium rare when it comes to steaks. But me being a meatarian, I like mine rare.

The Ribeye Steak
must have been round about 250-300g, neatly scorched on all sides, doused in mushroom sauce, with a side of green salad, and potato salad. The steak is juicy tender, with a mild sweet after taste, and I’ll say the salads aren’t typical. I have to commend that the potato salad is not mushy, but nice & crunchy. You’ll have to try it to fathom.

The Fish & Chips (in literal sense) is what I’d consider a pleasant surprise, and in a good way. Too obvious that it comes not just with fries, but thin crispy potato chips too. The fish is a good generous slab, and I’d say is among the best I’ve tasted in local context. The batter is light & crunchy, and the fish is fresh, thick & firm, breaks into juicy chunks upon entry of the mouth. I actually skipped the tartar sauce, because there’s no ‘overbearing scent of the sea’ that needs masking.

The BBQ Honey Ribs looked a little less glam seated next to The Ribeye Steak and The Fish & Chips, but it’s still meat~!! I can’t deny that the doneness was nicely timed, the meat falls off the bones effortless. But I thought the honey drowned the natural taste of the meat.

Put it simply, the chef didn’t’ deliberately beautify the presentation of the servings. What you see is what u get. As it is, my international friends from different continents are dying to come check things out on their next visit. So, I guess locals have no reason not to check it out.


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