Ba-da-bing ba-da-bang ba-da-boom

Ballistic Meatballs
348 Bedok Road #02-02/03
Bedok Market Place, Simpang Bedok,
Singapore 469560
T: +65 9229 7440

Perched along the stretch that overlooks the open driveway, open air car park and beyond is seriously a bold signboard. Ballistic is to me in relation to missiles and silos. The décor is plain and simple, with a touch of rustic charm to it.

I mean seriously, this layout is pragmatic, but somewhat too photogenic for anyone to spoil the picture by taking a seat.

The concept is not exactly familiar to all of us, and it took us quite a while to ponder & figure our choices out. The friendly staff (she’s a little camera shy) is quick to offer recommendations.

Salted Egg Yolk Fries is something new on the menu. I have to confess that I was a little apprehensive, fearing that the tastes would be somewhat less palatable. Lo and behold, it ain’t over till it’s over. At first glance, I thought to myself, what’s with the curry leaves… but once you take that first bite, all that thinking just goes out the window.

And I’ll reiterate, salted egg yolk on almost anything just can’t go wrong.

Crispy Wild Mushroom battered strips & deep fried. Minimal traces of residual oil suggests it’s nicely strained. Reminds me a little of the Japanese tempura, only this batter is not as susceptible to crumbling & flaking. Tastes good on its own, but I’d help myself to loads of ketchup.

Crispy Chili Crab Balls with ManTou is a new innovation, I half suspect is in line with the upcoming SG50 celebrations. Not sure if it’s only available for a limited period, but hey, if it’s on the menu, get it on the table, into your mouths. The chili paste tastes a little citrus than the familiar chili crab sauce. The crispy chili crab balls is likened to a crumbed & deep fried takopachi with crab meat filling… SHIOK! The ManTou is at our disposal to sponge up the chili sauce once we’re done with the Chili Crab Balls.

There’s an old saying, good stuff don’t last. And you can’t help but agree that they were cleared out real fast, shortly after the pictures were taken.


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