You Know It’s The Best

Crab Party
98, 100 Yio Chu Kang Rd,
(Opposite Serangoon Swimming Complex)
Singapore 545576
T: +65 6288 8588/ 6280 0065

Living just a short walking distance from this hidden chill out place, is in some ways, a problem… happy problem I’d say.

We decided to host our relatives who flew in from UK to some local signature dishes, somewhat a little less accessible to them. Needless to say, they indulge in other forms of crustaceans in Europe, namely, lobsters. Well, hands-on table etiquette is how we do best in this part of the world, so here we are.

In lieu of the humidity, we asked for a table in the air conditioned unit 98. Glossing the menu was quite a challenge, especially since there’s quite a variety of selections & recommendations.

Awards and accreditation leaves one to imagine how the branding associates well with how the palates would be treated, while in suspense.

To kick things off, 2 platters of greens

Stir-Fried Kalian with Garlic
– I would say that the doneness was well managed, so the vegetable was naturally sweet, and the caramelized garlic fragrance & taste was thorough, but would’ve been better had it been a little less greasy.

Sambal Kangkong
– this dish isn’t a stranger to most people in this region, and visibly, the chef was generous with the dried shrimp crumbs. The spice factor was manageable, and taste was quite good I must say. Nonetheless, would’ve been better had it been a little less greasy.

Stir-Fried Seafood Mee Suah
– this is a distanced variant from the Henghwa style we tried previously. No traces of clams, only prawns. And there’s quite a bit of scrambled egg crumbles, and quite a fair bit of bean sprouts. No struggles with coagulated Mee Suah is a benchmark to suggest it was done proper. However, would’ve been better had it been a little less greasy.

Golden Brown Mantou (half a dozen)
– as always is deep fried, but contrasting to the 3 former dishes, they weren’t greasy at all. Soft yet doesn’t crumble. Ideal for soaking up the sauces for the 3 upcoming Chef’s Recommendations.

Salted Egg Crab (estimate ±1.5kg)
– as stated on the menu, one of their Chef’s Recommendation. Needless for me to elaborate, they were pretty generous with the salted egg yolk, so much so, you can actually snack on as you work on the breaking the crust down.

Black Pepper Crab (estimate ±1.5kg)
– another of their Chef’s Recommendation. Unlike most other places, the spice factor wasn’t overbearing where the palates are numbed. I find was a little on the salty side, but as you work towards the meat within, the natural sweetness contrasts the saltiness.

Chili Crab (estimate ±1.5kg)
– yet another of their Chef’s Recommendation. The abundance of streaming battered egg frolicking in the sweet chili sauce warrants the services of mantou (bread) to soak up for munch. I’m not much of a sweet tooth person, and I found the sweetness well balanced.

Note: The texture of the meat in all 3 variants were nice, fresh & firm. The doneness was well managed, where the chunks of meat were easily stripped clean from the crust quite effortlessly. I’ll have to say, was one of my cleanest & effortless experienced feasting on crab.

Having been nicely satiated with the 3 crabs, nobody remembers the greasy experience of the 3 earlier dishes.

* Price point wise, I’ll say is a little bit on the high side. But if you’re a crab lover, perhaps you’ll find that the price is quite worthwhile.


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