Divine Interpolation at Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant

Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #02-03
Singapore 569814
T: +65 6451 3201
FB: https://www.facebook.com/HaruHaruJapaneseRestaurant

Kudos to Chef Nic Chin for hosting and allowing me to extend the invite, to fellow esteemed bloggers for the tasting event, namely: gilman girl, purple-eats, little miss honey, the arctic star, miss chocoholic, prayerful mum and little tiny sun for gracing the occasion. I was caught by surprise that they’re located smack in the epicenter of a relatively matured heartland precinct. They’re located on level 2 of Jubilee Square, at Ang Mo Kio.

Upon arrival, I was already awed by the barrels of “high octane” beverage displayed at the entrance. I’ve always been under the impression that you can judge the standards of a Japanese restaurant (outside Japan), just by the presence of such a façade. My rationale is simple, the food and beverage can be paired and complements one another. Hence, the chef must know his stuff.

We were greeted & ushered our little cozy corner set up for 10 seater, and a brief conversation with Chef Nic, and he enlightened me on his concept & choice of venue;
* To offer ease of access to Izakaya & Omakase dining

* To offer good quality Kagoshima Wagyu, as well as good quality daily catches

My confession as a meatarian: “I’m already beginning to like this place before the food hits the table”.

I panned around only to be wowed by the selections of alcoholic beverages they offer. And that’s if you intend not to be lulled by typical o-cha. Though I would add that the chilled o-cha served was bursting with aroma & graduation in taste.

Just about 2 feet from the entrance, visitors would already have a good perusal on the catches of the day. And there are selections of tatami rooms for preferential privacy, or, cozy 6-seaters, or, slightly larger groups for 8-10pax (via reservation). Anything larger than 10pax is highly recommended to call for inquiry and/or advanced reservation.

Where Wagyu in this house is concerned, this plaque says it all.

Wagyu Tataki With Ponzu Sauce – the Wagyu sliced are tender & thinly sliced with visibly pretty pink marbled layers, melts in the mouth like butter. The searing & browning is mild, so what goes in the mouth is juicy goodness. The citrus taste in the Ponzu sauce give zest to the experience, but I personally prefer the meat neat.

Negima Mushi – this is a charmer that silenced me for a while. Served in similar fashion to the Chawanmushi, this double boiled leak, otoro and mushroom is a maiden experience for everyone at the table. The soup is fragrant and the ingredients swim in precious oils from the otoro, has a tinge of sweetness from the leaks.

Yuzu Tebasaki – another new experience for most of us as well. Pomelo scented grilled chicken wings is really quite unheard of, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with this. I taste rendering of white pepper & sea salt, while the yuzu fragrance lingers in the after taste. This is on my Izakaya checklist.

Wagyu Sukiyaki – is presented in a mini pot, over a miniature stove lit with a cup of prepacked fuel. The fresh slices are sat along with an unbeaten fresh egg. Should your wagyu be well done or lightly scalded, should the egg be beaten or poached whole? Decide and do it yourself.

Sashimi Platter with Itoyori – evidently, this monumental piece was a show stopper. I thought I heard the jaws of the other diners hit the table. It comes with decent slices of premium sashimi comprising of; Otoro, Chutoro, Uni & Hotate, accompanied with Mekajiki, Hamachi, and all of the Itoyori. The texture & taste of the slices spells ocean fresh.

Wagyu-don Set – pan fried Wagyu caramelized by the sliced onions, served with a very nicely soft-boiled poached egg, and a side of miso soup. Toss the poached egg, and work it into the mix, or choose to savor it on the side. Either way works really well.

Zaku Ramen – this to me is potentially a good staple for the local community. I don’t think I’ve heard of any peers that boast of having soft poached runny eggs in their ramen before. The soup base is sweet with a mild hint of sweetcorn, lightly drizzled with chili oil. The braised pork belly is unlike many that I’ve had in the past.

Premium Chirashi-don – the big Kurumaebi is fresh, has a light bounce to the bite, and sweet, stacked on an array of assorted premium cut fish slices, and topped with a little Uni & Ikura. Given the selection that’s in this bowl of goodness, the price is just right.

Aburi Sushi – an assortment of lightly seared sushi, also boasting of some good fish selection. I’d suggest not masking the taste with the wasabi or shoyu dip, so you can enjoy the goodness of the lightly parched cuts.

Haru Roll – last but not least, this multi layered, multi textured house specialty was the putting shot for the night. The core is an avocado, cucumber & crabstick roll, topped with a creamy layer Ebiko frolicking in mayonnaise, and again topped with Ebiko & Ikura. The popping sensation of the roes just makes this a suiting grand finale. Now, I’m tempted on revisiting for some alcoholic pairing experience. Meanwhile, for a limited promotional period, get your money’s worth of their impressive lineup of lunch Bentos. Buy 2 Bento Sets, and get the 3rd Bento Set for free! Terms & Conditions can be found here


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