A Taste of SG50 – Nonya Style, at The Square, Novotel CQ

The Square
Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
177A River Valley Road,
Singapore 179031
T: +65 6338 3333
W: http://www.novotelclarkequay.com/dining_viewItem_41-en.html

Kudos to the kind folks of hungrygowhere & Novotel for inviting me to the table

The Square is a restaurant located on the 7th floor at Novotel Clarke Quay, just a stone’s throw away from the river. The buffet lunch takes place from 1200hrs to 1430hrs, and the dinner buffet from 1800hrs to 2200hrs. The spread is typically intercontinental, featuring some of our local Nonya flavors as anchor. There’s also a cocktail bar that offers concoctions for a spirited dining experience.

Evidently, a buffet is intended to cater to a broad range of diners. The variety at the spread is sufficient to feed, not just one football team, but together with a famished dragon boat team as well.

Starting things off, a Frozen Margarita Lime to set the mood right.

To spare you the agony of reading everything on the list, I’ll make special mention for the dishes that frolicked my palates and etched in memory:

Seafood On Ice – is a regular feature. If I didn’t have to pace myself for the tasting, I’d be sure to help myself to several more rounds of this section. I’d probably fill myself with the live cooked prawns & fresh oysters.

Tomato Salad – personally, tomato is my staple source of my vitamins. And this mix of shallots & basil makes it a refreshing opener. Very enjoyable.

Babi Pong Teh – purists are advised to manage your expectations, but me being a meat lover, I indulged with the fatty portions of the cuts. Dark as it seems, but it’s not overbearing salty, with a light tinge of sweet after taste.

Nonya Chap Chye – I’m not a vegetable lover, but the blend of the gravy with the nicely done vegetable assortment makes it pretty enjoyable. The crunch of the eggplant was also something new.

Devil’s Curry – another familiar dish for our Eurasian community. Do not be disillusioned by the fiery color, the red is actually some chili oil and tomato based curry paste. Given my threshold, I felt it was probably child friendly.

Kueh Pie Tee – this is where diners get to be a little creative with the combination. The caramelized turnip strip is already dried nicely, while the crisp of the crust is maintained, both under the heating lamp. Once you start, you can’t stop.

Live Action Station – the chef is at your expense to whip up a good fix ala minute. Choose what you will for mee rebus, mee soto, pasta … but what impressed me most was the risotto and laksa.

Roasted Leg of Lamb – medium rare… succulent, juicy, gamey… simply lovely. While everyone were digging into the abundance of nonya confections and desserts, the lamb was my dessert.

I could go on and on to describe nearly 40 items captured in that seating, you can see the rest of pictures taken at the spread (Instagram @o_oican), but I’ll leave you to visit and reminisce the SG50 as you dine.

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