Tranquil Gastronomy, Serenaded by the Sea

Barnacles by the Sea (Formerly known as “Atmosphere by the Sea”)
Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa
101 Siloso Road, Sentosa, Singapore 098970
T: +65 6371 1966

Buffet brunches are aplenty, but I guess a lazy Sunday brunch by the Sea, is an experience much sought after not just for avid travelers but for local families too. A fun filled garden party, set by the shoreline on the southern front of Sentosa Island, is probably an ideal setting for holiday makers, offering a getaway breather for locals, to escape the bustle of a busy city life.

Complimentary to this feature, the natural water (chlorine free) swimming pool, offers great respite from the heat & humidity (possibly haze too).

The feast begins from midday till 1500hrs, and the buffet spread is simply put – impressive!

Barnacles by the Sea prides itself in offering some of the better selections of crustaceans, appetizers, greens, caviar, cheese and confections. The variety is abundantly sumptuous and too many to list. I’ll spare you a dissertation of text, but I’ll make special mention of some that tugged my heartstrings.

Upon entry, one is greeted with a display of selected wines that go well with the buffet menu. On the right is a row of child friendly snacks & bites designed to keep the young ones occupied while you indulge in your foray. Palate cleansing can also be done with sparkling or still water, served chilled.

Sushi Assortment
is familiar, and the younger ones may find pleasure popping a few, before they grow restless.

A pretty good assortment of Cold Appetizers, Salads and Antipasto all lined up for you to explore creativity in assembling your combination. The meatarian that I am, put together a platter of parma ham, smoked salmon, foie gras, cold cuts, accompanied with tomato basil, grilled zucciini & eggplant, as well as mozzarella.

Here’s a closer look of the Foie Gras Terrine, can anyone claim they haven’t had their money’s worth?

The Oyster Station & Crustacean Counter was to me, like an altar, a center piece that none shall pass. The Fin de Claire Oysters freshly schuked had me on my feet almost all afternoon. Truthfully, they’re good & fresh, enough to make me shuttle between the counter and my seat.

Bright red colors of the shells beaming from the likes of Lobsters, Alaskan crabs and Prawns were traffic stoppers. Accompanied with buckets of Clams and Scallops, I’m sure made not just my day, but all in attendance. Sweetness in the flesh, I didn’t see the need of enlisting the use of dips & lemon.

Roasts, toasts and grills
were stationed outdoors; carved beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, chicken satay, lobsters, tiger prawns, squid as well as potato wedges & ratatouille. I guess it was just the right place & time, when the new platter of lamb were replenished straight from the grill… evidently, I was on cloud 9.

Adjacent, were Indian Curries, dahll, palek paneer, lamb masala accompanied with raisins tossed toasted basmati rice, and there’s pappadum, naan bread and freshly baked tandoori chicken to top things off.

The meal wouldn’t be complete without some live music to set the mood. The in-house musicians belted some beach themed evergreens, to the numbers of The Beach Boys, Rupert Holmes and several more.

The Dessert Station is a pretty big assembly, and I guess was pretty handy when it comes to child-taming. I’m not much of a sweet tooth person, but seeing how pretty they were, I thought I’d make up for lost childhood: tiramisu, chocolate truffle cake, cheese cake, crème brulee and shooters… and the presence of a chocolate fondue fountain, does bring out the best in kids.

The Ice Cream Station is probably a crowd favorite not just for the young, but for the young at heart too. Flavors were quite unique I’d say, especially since they’re commissioned.

There is actually outdoor seating, and some arrangements near the rocky breakwater shoreline, nicely shaded under tall & mature trees. Sad to say, the onslaught of the Indonesian haze would give everything a smoky tasted.

Haze aside, for it shall soon pass… I think people really deserve to pamper themselves, where else, but Barnacles by the Sea.

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