Loacker not your ordinary wafer

Two Bakers
88 Horne Road
Singapore 209083
T: +65 6293 0329
E: enquiry@two-bakers.com
W: http://www.two-bakers.com/
F: https://www.facebook.com/twobakers
I: https://instagram.com/twobakerssg

Kudos to the joint organizers (Matrix Star & Media Flair) for inviting me to the event – one in which rekindles fond memories of wafer that melts in the mouth. If you haven’t a clue, I’m referring to the good old Loacker. Yes, good and old comes to mind, when the brand is mentioned. Founded in 1925, they’re now aged 90, and still going strong.

I recall vividly, several chapters in my life, indulging in a pack of Loacker wafers. And memories of when I shared the good stuff with my late grandpa (he was toothless). The smile on his face remains deeply etched in memory.

It’s not every day that anyone creates wafer that’s firm enough for a good clean break, with minimal crumbs going to waste, yet is light enough to melt in the mouth almost instantaneous. While the layers of fills regardless vanilla/ chocolate or anything else mingles. Best of all, no signs of embarrassing remnants clinging to one’s ivories.

An ideal snack for almost any moment, any day.

This event was hosted at the premise of Two Bakers, an artisan bakery that whips up French & American style pastries to go along with a decent cuppa joe (i called for a cafe latte).

Apart from a glimpse of what the kitchen is capable of whipping up, in the likes of butternut mushroom risotto

… as well as, spaghetti vongole aglio olio.

The staff sought to inject a little fun early in anticipation of Halloween just round the corner.

And the main event of the night was courtesy of the pastry chefs at Two Bakers, where they employed the combination of Loacker wafers and some in-house creativity. I have to say it’s something really out of this world, because knowing well that Loacker wafers are best consumed straight from the pack.

Nonetheless, it was pretty good fun to know that there’s definitely more ways than one, where consumption is concerned.

In conjunction of the 90th anniversary, Loacker has rolled out the new raspberry-yoghurt flavor. And I must say is pretty refreshing. At least it’s good enough for a little indulgence, not necessarily requiring the accompaniment of coffee or tea.
Their quadratini range is available in 110g, 220g as well as 37.5g packs, and retail at almost every major supermarket near you. Among the lot, there’s also a wide range of chocolate coated wafers, as well as the Patisserie and Tortina series.

So I guess, for those who’re idea drained for the Halloween weekend, Loacker’s range of wafers should do just the Trick… or Treat.


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