Who wouldn’t K-PO at KPO?

KPO Cafe Bar
1 Killiney Rd,
Killiney Post Office,
Singapore 239518
Tel: +65 6733 3648
FB: https://www.facebook.com/KPO.sg
IG: https://www.instagram.com/kposg/

12317441_1677102545869265_592355000_nKPO (café bar), actually abbreviates the prominent & sentimental landmark in which it’s located at – Killiney Post Office of course. A nice cozy watering hole in the middle of the Orchard Road precinct, offering a good variety of liquid diets for grown-ups, as well as a host of notable snacks and food to satiate palates.

Kudos to the kind folks of Imaginings.com.sg and Hungrygowhere.com for inviting me to the table.

I’m not exactly a stranger to KPO, recalling several past visits with different bunches of friends for Hump-day (Wednesday) and/or Friday-eve (Thursday) liquids. And to be invited for this session, is truly a privilege.

I’m sure the fluids need no major introduction, for most patrons would already be well acquainted with, if not already intimate. In this entry, I will be making some special mentions of the food laid out for the evening. And I’m resolute about continued revisits, simply because I find the quality to be worth every penny.

12292757_981287768617600_624419496_nPork Cubes (with in-house special sauce) – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. At first glance, I didn’t think much of it, for it looks like typical popcorn chicken. But once I sank my teeth into the first cube, the rest is history. And as for the special sauce, I refused for it to be cleared from the table, so I could use it later for other bites.

12339051_1672809109599834_1074173501_nKPO Hokkien Mee – is unlike typical hawkers nor food-courts. This gem to me, lives up to its name for being among their signatures. The squid is juicy tender with a good bounce, never rubberlike. The prawn is big and succulent, not flakey. The noodles exudes the natural sweetness of the seafood, and most importantly, they don’t clump. Generous topping of crispy pork lard cubes holds weight for what this dish is worth.

12292697_1952610461631778_1769856022_nWagyu Capsule – medium rare wagyu cubes, stuffed into a baguette from Nassim Hill Bakery. Now, I have rediscovered reasons to indulge in bread, apart from being complemented with curry. I’d urge all meat lovers to give this a shot, and I’ve a good feeling that you’d be back for lots more.

12345827_979243248798476_1556113116_nKPO Pork Ribs – the doneness of this dish is timed to perfection. The sweet coat caramelized and yet to char, while the meat comes off the bone like magnum off the ice cream stick. Though I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but I know many find this to be like what KFC says… finger licking good.

12346239_711131995652926_701831762_nPizzas – something our western friends are most familiar with, for almost every occasion apart from festivities. Would be perfect, if it was consumed while watching a game of sport, of any sort.

12328327_1685025048401750_616961681_nMiniature Chicken Sliders – the chicken is nicely seasoned and grilled. I wish someone would make a competition with these sliders, instead of hot dogs. But then again, it’d be difficult to find a winner, since it’s tastily enjoyable & addictive.

12362140_1528905630761910_1386586296_nNot-A-Ramly-Burger – a parody it may seem, but definitely not just a Ramly. It’s way much better than a Ramly, and I’m of the opinion this gem deserves its own label & lineage of chain stores.

12345693_706661276137327_1173026609_nSliced Yorkshire Pork – allows me to reminisce the คอหมูย่าง (korh-moo-yaahng), especially when using the in-house special sauce for the pork cubes earlier. Nice and juicy, lean with tender fatty bits.

12356563_1488219674820663_1309701707_nWagyu Beef Cubes – if I had a ring, I’d put a ring on it. Bite sized Wagyu, medium rare, I could really go all night munching on this. Love at first bite.

12357540_434399980097184_68926038_nIce-cream In-house Homemade chips – this is a platter of love. It’s not every day that one gets to ingest in-house thin sliced potato chips, baked to crisp and crumbles upon entering the mouth. Give me guacamole/ pico de gallo/ salsa for dips, and I’d be unstoppable.

As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. It didn’t cross my mind that I would enjoy such mention worthy savories, despite having visited on several accounts purely for liquid diet. And if in any case, you had the same impression as I, it’d be a good idea to check-in at KPO and try things out.

Stay tuned to the KPO FB page for upcoming Hello 2016 promo & party details.

Meanwhile, keep a look out for exclusive KPO deals when you book & dine via Hungrydeals.sg

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