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Bakes N Bites
51 Old Airport Road #01-164
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Singapore 390051
T: +65 9387 8605/ 9008 3463

When it comes to good food at good price, it’s not uncommon for foodies to look towards the Old Airport Road Food Centre, also affectionately referred to as Kallang Airport Market. Evidently, a stalwart feature of the precinct that’s merely 1 bound away from the city.

12534096_1544032365921590_1798239597_nBakes N Bites is a small but bold enterprise that’s helmed by baker Christopher Lau & lifelong partner. Not too long ago, he was displaced in the field of employment, but the never-say-die spirit in him, took the lemons to make lemonade. The couple tried their hand at retailing confection courtesy of third party supply, but realized the model wasn’t viable in the long run.

Christopher took a big leap of faith to learn the craft of bakery, and invested a good year of experimentation. He overcame the learning curve, and today rolls out a decent variety of cakes, muffins and pies.

Bakes N Bites is a bakery with the clientele’s interest at heart. They’re simple, but they’re sincere. The couple heed comments & suggestions seriously, often paying attention to detail. They explore options & feasibility to make their produces a notch healthier without compromise to taste & texture.

12357620_1512125155750898_954810344_nBehold, all their produces are crafted by hand, so you can be certain of the freshness and uniqueness. Doing things just a little bit different paid off, earning them accreditation & mention from authorities as well.

A good spread of produces was laid out for us to taste, and though I’m not much of a sweet tooth, I take good comfort that my pupils didn’t dilate. I bit, I munched and the palates registered, I liked it. Throughout the tasting, I didn’t find myself in much need for palate rinsing, except for the typical chocolate based items that I saved for the finale.

Here are some mentions that I’d make because I wouldn’t mind revisiting for more…

914708_951209934945083_908881821_nShepherds’ Pie: Chicken or Beef – unlike others, this is probably one of the lightest versions I’ve ever come across. They stay off dairy, so there’s no traces of cheese or cream. They take off the tomato, so people can taste the true flavors of the chunky bits, and topped with hand mashed Russets.

12407488_534054893427492_710220195_nCakes: Butter or Banana – in my opinion, these two should rank pretty high on their top sellers chart. Make no mistake, they use the right amount Golden Churn Butter at the right temperature, and the cakes come off the aluminum foil trays easily.

1527564_1551216381869345_791556688_nSwiss Rolls: Vanilla, Pandan or Café Latte – all ingredients used are prepared in-house. They don’t use artificial flavors. To top it all off, they don’t use cream, but lace it with daily made meringue.

12407357_632098190271628_63100160_nMuffins: Blueberry, Blueberry-Chocolate Chips, Banana-Walnut, Banana-Chocolate Chips, Fresh Orange – best served chilled, and no fear of sugar high. The natural sweetness of the fruit is sufficient to put a smile on the face.

Bakes N Bites welcome pre-orders for occasions, such as: baby showers, tea receptions etc. You can make your inquiry by phone, or place your order from their menu via their website.