Ambrosia & Elixirs by KUVO

321 Orchard Road #02-01,
Orchard Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238866
T: +65 9277 3315 / 6733 8272

Spotted in the middle of the Orchard Road shopping belt, cited in Orchard Shopping Centre, just next to H&M. Spot “ICE LAB Cafe” Korean Bingu concept cafe, look for the entrance adjacent, take the exclusive escalator up to level 2. Upon entry, it feels as if you’ve teleported to a cozy, pristine & quiet spot, away from the bustle of commerce.

12530763_472689899605458_448882110_nChoose how you would like to indulge yourself, be it wines or spirits, or just a chatter over a few platters. KUVO operates from noon till past midnight, and so it offers good respite for weary shoppers, and might I add, has quite the ambiance for the professionals to chill out too.

One thing’s for sure, one needs not cut the night short in lieu of shopping malls early closing hours.

1389724_1662425524020388_446644833_nIt was a pleasure and honor to be among the select esteemed, invited for the preview & review of the menu that’s to be introduced. To most foodies on the block, tapas is not alien, neither are cocktail receptions. However, it’s not every day that one gets to experience tapas & cocktail pairing.

12534176_1002873583092625_112427098_nThe opening beverage for the night to set the mood, chilled Italian sparkling Antica Fratta Brut, exclusive to KUVO and nowhere else. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how soothing the taste and flavor was, as opposed to some others with heavier after taste.

The in-house alchemist Yutaka Nakashima featured some of his new creations, to pair with some of the dishes, showcasing some rather interesting techniques to the mix.

12424688_934147226655618_1198455816_nFlambéed Beef Cube – The brandy is set ablaze, and the beef is glazed with a red wine sauce. Minimal traces of alcohol overkill. The taste and texture was lovely.

12547321_1003312626374367_1565473330_nGrilled Octopus – neatly sliced sous vide octopus tentacles, accompanied with slow baked potatoes and smoked paprika. Pretty interesting and I don’t think anyone can have enough of it.

12545275_558024857697750_944423627_nKuvo Atlantic Cod Meuniere – I don’t normally indulge in cooked fish, but this is impressive. You find the pearl barley fricassee towards the bottom, while the nutty brown butter sauce drizzled on the sweet pea crusted cod adds to the layers of flavor.

12547302_552801444879178_1357726333_nKuvo Coffee Hot Wings & Brewski Yen – as the name suggests, I would say this comes a little spicier than expected. The Brewski Yen adds a little more tingle to the heat owing its effect to the influence of ginger ale.

10903783_585356091615716_1773254442_nSlipper Lobster & Hello Cel’lo – the slipper lobster is not a stranger for seafood fanatics, halved down the line makes for easy access to the meat. Hello Cel’lo, requires an acquired taste, but I believe deserves its own following.

12519247_191125351241086_1109505393_nWagyu Camembert Sliders & Green Iceland – wagyu is trending, making its presence felt in the form of these miniatures. The Portobello & cheese rolls with truffle cream is creamy to the taste, and I feel is best consumed whole. Green Iceland, what can I say? Soothing and refreshing. Take your time to savor the taste and allow the mint to sooth.

1169101_209698642711313_1147057143_nEnglish Scotch Egg & Captain BR – unlike the usual crispy crust, a layer of molten cheese sits on this bundle of joy, cut it open down the middle and melt away watching the runny yolk ooze. The layer of wagyu lining the egg is enjoyable. Captain BR exudes the fragrance of earl grey, while the rum & lemon mix relaxes the palates.

12407326_214672892203764_330425870_nKurobuta Yakiniku Donburi & Tales of Shu – Black pork is touted as one of the best pork around in oriental menus. The Yakiniku Donburi style topped with a runny poached egg, thoroughly stirred & mixed gives this dish a wholesome flavor. Tales of Shu is served warm, straight after the coffee infusing apparatus, packs a little punch of heated sake, while the orange adds a touch of citrus finish.

1170103_1633344753583251_1444344437_nEncore demonstration, Yutaka-San took the opportunity to demonstrate how Tales of Shu was made, and we were wowed by the possibility of creation employing the use of a coffee infuser.

All in all, fusion was sprouting in almost every dish tasted. The union of the eastern choice ingredients with western culinary techniques, coupled with oriental ingenuity in the mixes of beverages.

In my opinion, I felt the concoctions stood out pretty much, so, for lovers of high octane crafted beverages, bon appetit!