CNY Buffet @ The Square, Novotel Clarke Quay

The Square
177A River Valley Road Level 7,
Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel,
Singapore 179031
T: +65 6433 8790

CNY round the corner and The Square rolls out a ball of fun in the buffet with a toss! Have it your way yusheng 鱼生 salad toss, and a daily lunch/ dinner buffet spread with a foray of local & continental favorites lined up with hues of auspicious intent. Red is the color!

12627831_233521306986400_2078769573_nBe welcomed with a nice center piece of blossoms upon arrival. Adjacent to it, some Microsoft wares to keep the restless entertained.

12479330_504209716436569_520307021_nThe information on the table mat suffices to give diners a complete idea of what’s in store.

12479475_1687473848204262_494140642_nWas privileged to try out the yusheng 鱼生 set up for us bloggers. (I know, I know, I know. There’s jitters all around this year when it comes to freshwater fish. Nobody’s going to lose a limb, especially since the choice of fish is fresh flown from Japan.) Well, evidently, several in attendance were somewhat apprehensive with the fish after the toss… as for me, I almost had my fill with the endless fishing from the toss.

12558640_1069749876423071_1929360505_nFor the less adventurous, there’s a yusheng 鱼生 station in the buffet spread, for anyone to have it their own way. So if you’re bent on not having abundance (fish) this year, you need not throw in the fish.

12547323_1692791877630298_1343284523_nWhat would CNY be like without bahkwa? To make things a little palatable for the masses, the kitchen rolls out coins of chicken bahkwa instead of the typical pork versions. In terms of color, taste and texture, chicken is inevitably lighter & softer than the ones we’re used to.

Initially when I oriented myself around the stations of the buffet, I was a little confused. There was definitely familiarity, some color/ theme consistency, and there was variety. And then it dawned upon me, think CNY, think theme! And everything began making sense to me

12568845_864053287040631_1714925752_nPrawns, mussels, oysters… if you’re at all familiar with the diverse Chinese dialects, you would know that all 3 carry close relations to joy, happiness and prosperity “嘻哈(虾)大笑, 好(蚝)事连连”

12534406_1674130496174572_97983557_nThai style baby octopus, also known as the fish with 8 (发) tentacles. Sweet, sour & prickly, like some of the wide spread variants of Thai salads.

12568231_1070911019643277_1213049835_nTomatoes, consider it a good dose of vitamin C. Ang mo kio… ang kong kong! 鸿运当头

12523603_933121780111627_628915326_nPineapple rice… an alternative to pineapple tarts 旺旺!!

12519342_1012031538868873_1351740639_nEefu noodles is often featured in Chinese banquets as a staple, but more importantly, the good meaning of longevity & wealth.

12599073_188296304859455_885931694_nSweet & sour battered cod. More fish and more abundance.

12568314_1164827053542094_997003490_nKebabs, who would imagine that a western Asian dish would be featured for CNY? Well, how about 步步高升

12523527_1661612570771546_1544033192_nChili crab, typically a signature dish of Singapore. If you’ve not tasted chili crab, you haven’t been to Singapore! 招财进宝

12547281_211196095895798_1013095232_nSiew mai, the only dimsum dish to be featured at the buffet spread. 来龙结脉,有始有终

12545363_1706981632905093_1141942323_nRatatouille, French pot of vegetables is also featured for a CNY spread 财源广进

There are plenty more savories and sweets in the buffet spread, but I reckon by the time I’m done writing all of it, it’d probably the month of March. So, give it a chance, and have yourself a FULL-filling lunar new year.

For the entire month of February 2016, The Square offers their CNY lunch/dinner buffet at a pretty affordable rate, so, if you’re brooding over what to have for your family’s reunion, and/or company’s CNY opening meal… start making your reservations.

I take this opportunity to wish all my readers & followers a Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year!

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